Sunday, July 11

Fashion Digest: Armor is the new black!; Louis Vuitton Tattoos?; Ken Overshadows Barbie?

After a week of hiatus, I am back with more digest, some of them are last week's news but I thought I should share it. it is quite intriguing for me. Enjoy, babes!


Ken Overshadows Barbie?
Now we all know the famous celebrity couple Ken and Barbie, the perfect couple that all kids love. Well that being said, Barbie had always been the limelight between the two. It's a normal celeb thing that happens to all Hollywood couples - Ken was like a backdrop. 

But recently, Ken stole the limelight from Barbie when he got a more prominent role in the film, Toy Story 3. Yup, he got double the dialogues than Barbie and he plays the bad guy turned good.

That is the best moment for Ken and definitely boost his resume. Later he was shot by Esquire UK magazine. A six page spread in the world renowned mens magazine. He is at the top of his game. let's just hope that Barbie takes it well.

Prada, Gucci and Burberry created exclusive outfits just for Ken for this shoot. Talk about high end doll fashion.

Ken in Burberry Prorsum.


Armor is the new black!
I think it is official now. Armor inspired jackets are the new black for the season. Most notably in menswear as I had shown you in my previous posts. Armor inspired outfits had been done before but not on my watch. So I find it rather exciting.

True. It might be done before but it was forgotten for some time and it's making a comeback now.

And this new exciting piece from Lacoste is just breathtaking. The creator Li XiaoFeng definitely had the edge for making porcelain like polos. So those who has antique vases that was broken to pieces, bring it to Li and you get your self a fab shirt.

I wonder where can I get something like this or the Burberry Terracotta in a lower end brand. That's life of a student for you. Broke as ever.


Louis Vuitton Tattoos?
Thought of getting a tattoo youself? Well Try this one. Louis Vuitton tattoos, nothing better to express your love to the brand than to brand yourself with it. Alright, am joking here. 

Thess tatts were for the LV's menswear show recently, done by Scott Campbell who did Marc Jacobs tattoos too. Now, not only did he do the tattoos for the models, he was also asked to design patterns for a series of bags for the mens collection. A chinese Kilin (eastern take on unidorn) inspired tattoo embedded to the bags. They have it in patent leather and also in the Damier Canvas a.k.a LV checker.


Well, that all for now. Next post would be on Haute Couture! It has begun!!


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