Tuesday, July 6

A Little Gratitude Would Be Cool?

God! I am in like a posting streak now. So up next, Twilight again! Well, Kristen Stewart to be precise. A short one on this. Well, it was the Twilight new movie's premier just the other day - whatever name the movie is. Eclipse, New Moon...

Well, what happened was when one of the red carpet host asked Kristen what she was wearing, she was like, "Uh oh, who was it by?" Apparently someone told her just before and she forgot again! IT"S ELIA SAAB!!!!!

Here's a video of the interview.
Note: They deleted the video! Bad rep for Kristen? (just youtube> kristen red carpet eclipse premier)

There was another one but I can't find it. It was another red carpet host during the premier, I think, who asked the same question. It's okay for you not to be in fashion but since you wore the dress, have some effort to remember the designer's name.

They did not labor themselves through fitting sessions for you to forget their name. Seriously. you might say that it's free publicity for the designer and most of the time designers approach celebs to wear their outfits or the other way around - depends whether you're A-list or B.

Still, you should remember their names, it might be free but come on. Show some appreciation?

To Twihards out there, I am not a Kristen Stewart or Twilight hater, so don't get offended. It's just my two cents here.

God! (again). Am I being a real criticizer here? Hope you don't mind, I don't mean to be mean.


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