Who Am I?
Calvin Chong
A journalist in practice, at RMIT University. Improving what he can and aiming for top publications in fashion and lifestyle (Vogue, W, GQ). Procrastination as a middle name. Endless imagination. In love with fantasy/fiction worlds. Reading and drawing as a hobby. Bubbly and too much opinion. Has an ear for news and an eye for fashion.

About My Blog? 

In summary, now the blog is about everything in fashion I find interesting and my life, occasionally. If anyone find my blog to their liking, link me up and help me with the publicity. I need it.
Thanks.I hope to be like some of the successful bloggers (BryanBoy, Karen Cheng, Style Rookie etc).

This will be a starting point of my career in fashion journalism. I hope one day after I graduate, I would work for top fashion publications like Vogue or W Magazine. I don't know how but I am slowly paving my way.

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