Monday, July 12

Epic Fail

So a while ago, this crazy ad came on the net from A Singapore based company that sells high end branded fashion products at discounted price.

So what they came up with what a 99% luxury sale for its members. Of course I am extremely excited about it. Can't stop thinkingabout it for quite a while. Imagine this, Marc Jacobs Multi Zipper tote for 8AUD. YSL Safety Pin Tote for 3AUD. Prada Saffiano Sling Bag for 8AUD.

For fashionistas/nistos, this is an event to die for. So came the day which is today. I eagerly stood by my computer since 4pm (it starts at 6pm). As it nears the time, I clicked refresh on the webite - yup, been refreshing since 5.30pm. It couldn't log in. Nothing is loading.

Tried for the next 5 minutes and I couldn't get anything, and off to Facebook to check it. A tream of wall post on their fanpage with people saying that it does not work. The website crashed! So I tried and tried for an hour, and finally got into it. No doubt the sale was magnificent.

I came across a few items to buy but the sale allows 1 item per user. I have the Prada sling, YSL tote, Marc Jacobs zipper tote and Marc Jacobs duffel bag to choose from. The moment I clicked it took another few refreshing to load. When I got into the item's page, takes 5 minutes to add to cart. When I want to check out, it says there's no item even though I added to cart.

Fine, repeat the process a few times, and finally went to check out. YAY!

Wait a sec, I have all the items I tried to add but though failed in my list, but I went ahead to pay without caring how many was there. I had three of the YSL and four Prada in my list. CLick pay and nothing happened.

REFRESH again and occasionally pops out the note saying I have no items. Tried to remove all the items except for one, didn't work. The freaking website does not work! ARGH!

It was majorly frustrating. Worst than doing my final assignments. God. How can the website be so dumb. If you can't handle this much users, limit it. Find a solution like

1. Limit the amount of RSVPs for the event

2. Upgrade your website's server

Now they closed the website to "FIGURE" out the problem. Apparently not much was sold and they will resume the event again! GOD! These people. Getting our hopes up and drop us into the pits of hell. Feel like crying now. Bwah!!!!

Anyway, I will still try when it's back on. Seriously, who can turn off such a deal, if you get it that is.
Just a shoutout to relieve my grief and anger.

Ciao people!

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