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The Best Of Fall Campaigns 2010

Just a short post with a lot of photo shoots and side commentaries.  This years Fall?Winter campaigns shows a lot of promise. There's Hermes, Donna Karan, Prada, and more. Featuring in some of these ads are Karen, Natalia, Karlie - just to name a few of the supermodels. A truly fantastic season.

This season, Steven Meisel raked the most shoots as far as I know. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Lanvin was all by him. Mert and Marcus did well too with CK Jeans and Dsquared.

Without babbling for too long, lets get on to it. First off we have:
Note: For some of the shoots, it's smaller, so click on it to have a better view

 Dsquared never cease to amaze me. With a Spring/Summer that was so hot, they came with a new definition of hotness.

S/S shows couture-ish campaign in the wilds and now with glass exhibition boxes? 
Truly a breathtaking one by Mert and Marcus.

Hermes did a marvellous job this season too.
To me, it seemed like a Zorro-ish take on Rapunzel to me.
Showcasing the all famous line of scarves in an unconventional way by Paolo Roversi.
Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please put down your scarf?


Then we have Chloe's with Raquel Zimmermann by Inez and Vinoodh.
Though there's a side mirror of a car dominating the photo, Raquel never cease to shine with the fabulous camel outfits.

Now we have Dolce and Gabbana's menswear by Steven Klein.
It seems to go back in time to the old France or in their case Sicily.
A good black and white which signifies Dolce and Gabbana's classic sense.
Just like their womenswear show in F/W. A reminiscence to the beginning.

The two that Karlie Kloss landed now gives a sense of empowerment for women. 
Dior snapped by Meisel and Donna Karan by Patrick Demarchelier.
Two very different artist but gives the same feeling to me. Power and strength of the modern age women.
Also, Donna Karan's shoot looked like Ada Choi in Fly with Me.

Burberry did themselves justice too. 
Another one by Mario. Simple, modern and class are the words.
Even with so many models, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shines more than the others.
Maybe because of her bright hair and presence.
Victoria's Secret Angel and now replacing Megan Fox for Transformers, she is the bomb!

Christy Turlington, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova. 
Three very different but empowering goddess blends themselves together to create this shoot by Steven Meisel.
A simple look of what seems to be the backstage of LV's  fashion show speaks more than it seems.
What's better to show their collection than the backstage where everything happens!

Prada was made magnificent by Meisel with two series of the photoshoot. Above is the mens in black and white and the side and bottom shoot in color for women.

It feels like a 1960s Hairspray moment for me here. The huge hairdo and performance and romance to it hits the perfect mark.

The shot on the shoes is just perfect to describe the 1960s Hairspray moment. Afterall it's all music and of course, DANCE!

Lanvin's new campaign looked like a improved version of their pervious campaign.
The previous was plainer and simple where as this plays a lot with texture and fabrication.
With the lining of the background, the three looked like fabulous giantess ready to strike.
And of course it is by Meisel.

Yet another fabulous job by Mert and Marcus.
Though it is not Calvin Klein collection and just CK jeans, this shoot shines potential and artistry that I have to post it up.
Something about the rough red paint outline and black and white image speaks to me.
And Lara Stone definitely made it better.
This is an ad that sells sensuality without going over to raunchy sexual image.

Yves Saint Laurent reused the simple frame like theme but in black and white for this season.
To me, it do not seem overused or out of date, after all something so classic and simple can never go out of style.
DariaWerbowy shoot by Ineez and Vinoodh.

I know I said it was a short post,  but it made too long with all the fabulous shoots. it is short in a sense, less words. Just the images taking all the space. Apologies. Enjoy.

By the way, if you want to see more of these campaigns, go to FASHION GONE ROGUE. I did not post all the photos of each brand. just one of each which I think was the best!

And this is a new layout, like it? The rate it please?

That's all. Ciao.

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