Wednesday, July 14

Fashion Digest: Editorial Shifts in Fashion; Who's Front in Sept Issues; Pushing Through The Econs

Okay, while waiting for the Proenza Schouler Live Interview to start at ShowStudio, I have some digest for you people out there. A short one just to get through the 25 minutes of waiting. So this time, I have for you the major shifts in the fashion industries editorial, revealing the front covers of most September Issues and the struggles of fashion brands in their finance.

Editorial Shifts in Fashion
So first off is the editorial shifts that had been going on a lot for the past month or so. Important figures in our beloved magazines had shifted to greener pastures. One of them is Sally Singer who went from Vogue to T Magazine landing as the editor-in-chief. Florence Kane and Patrick O'Connell left Vogue too for a step up to better positions.
Stefano Tonchi from T to head the W magazine. Just to name a few. I have a chart here for you to look at. I know it's probably too confusing to make it out. Go to for the detailed rundown.


Who's Front in Sept Issues
Now I have finally got my confirmation on the cover for Vogue's September. It is gonna be Halle Berry, famous actress that won Oscars for her performance in Monster Ball. Let's not forget her controversial cast as Cat Woman. She is the second black woman who will grace the cover - after Naomi Campbell. Now I don't really agree on having her as the September's cover. It is the January for fashion and most important issue of all.

I said it once and I'll say it again.

To have a black woman front it is a good recognition for all races in the world and she is a good actress. But I think maybe someone like Iman is better.She did win the Fashion Icon Award for CFDA, and who better to grace the cover than her for a fashion issue.  the compiled list of cover girls for most September issues of the fashion world.

Anyhow if I knew why, i would be Anna and head Vogue. But I'm not, there must be a good reason on this. So I just have to accept it then.

For the other magazines cover girl, go to FASHIONISTA.COM


Pushing Through The Econs
And the last is on two labels, Prada and Armani. Well, as you all know the past year had known been well financially. Now it is announced that Prada is getting a loan of $455M to cover their debts and recover from the financial crisis blow.

And Armani said that their earnings dropped for 09. That being said, they are flourishing in China like most high end brands. It seems that Chinese have the buying power now. Even models like Chanel Iman flies to China now to grace Vogue China's editorials.

I guess, us Chinese are powerful now, huh? Though I am not from China, I feel good about it. Bite me.
Let's hope that the crisis will be over soon. And what is not better to help than this year's FASHION"S NIGHT OUT event. I think most of you know about it. And good news is although the event was a NY based event, it is gonna be internationally celebrated this year. From NY, Miami to London, Sydney and more. Check the FASHION'S NIGHT OUT website.

Good luck people! Kill economy crisis!


That's all for now and I have exactly 5 minutes before the interview starts.

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