Wednesday, July 21

Fashion Digest: Fashionable Google; Granny Fendi?; Hamish in Upper East Side?

First I have to apologize yet again for the lack of post last week or so. I have some problems with my internet connection at home, thus the hiatus. And I was not starting class till two days ago which I have another problem with connecting with university WiFi. Finally yesterday, I got it all resolved.

As of now, I have only campus WiFi to work on my blog and go online, so bear with me, people. I would probably get back my home connection in a couple of weeks, two probably. So before that happens, I will be trying my best to find time to post more using campus connection.

As I am ranting here, I am in the library study corner where they have plug points to charge my mac. A misuse of space, but hey, I'm a journalist/blogger. It's part of my assignment to blog too. Okay, now to my fashion digest which might be old news but nevertheless I thought it's worth sharing.


Fashionable Google
Finally a recognition from one of the online powerhouse, Google to all the fashion bloggers out there. Cheers to us then. Fashion bloggers gained high reputations from the industry from the past year or so. Famous bloggers like bryanboy and Tavi got invited to couture and ready to wear shows from brands like Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

Vogue recognizes fashion bloggers in their March Power Issue. Article called "Logged On". And now more and more come to realize the impact of bloggers. True, it might not replace magazine but it definitely have their own space in this industry.

So Google launched this program called GStyle to get to know more about fashion bloggers. According to them, fashion bloggers understands the social media more than the ones covering other fields. Damn right! So now they want to know more about how fashion bloggers use the internet to better improve their service.

Granny Fendi?
 Ilaria Venturini Fendi, one of the Fendi daughters made some wacky bags for Carmina Campus. She needs to learn from Sylvia, I guess? That is just whack! Maybe it's not in her genes?

The first thing it reminded me was the old rugs that most Malaysian or maybe Asians have at their toilet doors. My house used to have like a million of those.

This is so not working for me. A piece of toilet rug slapped into a weekend tote. Hmm... Maybe it's just me, because I've seen the worst of those rugs. Maybe other people, most likely the West side would have another view to it. What's your take?


Hamish in Upper East Side?
Okay, Gossip Girl had been out of my life for quite sometime. Everything just got a tad bit too boring for me. Hadn't been keeping up since a few episodes of season 3. But after hearing this news, I might just watch it again.
So it is official (or so I think) that Hamish Bowles, European Editor at Large for American Vogue will be starring in one of Gossip Girls episodes. now that is something new to me. The photo here is allegedly taken during one of the shootings.

Also the all so fabulous event of the year, Fashion's Night Out will be featured in the series as well. That two reasons is enough for me to watch Gossip Girl again. I wonder how good is Hamish's acting skills?


Well, that's all for now. And I know that I have not post up any couture coverage and I promise by tomorrow evening (Aus time) it will be up.

In the mean time, I will post up some interesting fashion related videos in the next post just to keep you entertained.


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