Wednesday, July 21

Fashion Video Digest and Something Else?

These are some interesting videos I came across in youtube which made me laugh. Well, kind of? The first one is by Robert Hoffman. This dude never cease to entertain me. It's a video about what does not make you a model! A special message to those out there who thinks they can be a model but never realize they can't. Be realistic!

This is another good video from a while ago. So made a video of Raquel Zimmermann wearing a Gareth Pugh gown and impersonating Lady Gaga. It made me smile rather than laugh. And again Raquel is the best, one of my favourite models!

And here's a behind the scenes video of Prada's F/W campaign. As you have seen in my previous post on F/W campaigns, you know this is from Steven Meisel. Another legend to be reckoned with. The jazz mode with HairSpray kind of hair. A light heart video perfect for a fashion digest.
But seriously, aside from the photos I've seen of Meisel in Vogue, I can't find much of him. Even this video does not show a slightest hint of him.

Aside from the video, here's something interesting. So I found this Alexander McQueen undies for men which look so cool. I might just get my hands on one of them if it's not 50 euros for one. Damn those are expensive. Then again, it is McQueen! He will forever be my legendary designer!
See? They just look so cool. It sold in Oki-Ni website.

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