Thursday, July 22

Fashion Digest: Manly Gaga; Gisele on 30; Rolling Pants

Okay a short digest for the weekend. I'll probably post more next week since I have no internet whatsoever in the weekend. You can catch me on Twitter @calvinchong (follow me if you wish) where I might post more fashion news with my mobile or just news about plain old me.
So this weekend digest, I have an old news, a not so old one and a seam for thought (pun for food for thought?)


Manly GAGA
So as some of you might know, Gaga finally went for her transgendering process. Well, not really but it's close. She gender bend herself for Vogue Hommes Japan. From Gaga to Jo Calderone, she made yet another mind blasting transformation to add on to her already long list of weird profiles. The shoot was photographed by Nick Knight, I have to say Lady Gaga makes a better man than woman. She looks more, well, normal compared to herself. This alter ego is gonna widen her already huge fan base. The shoot will be featured in the September 2010 issue.

Take a look. Does Gaga look manly or what?


Gisele on 30
As an avid fan of Gisele, of course I am gonna share this piece of news with you. Gisele just celebrated her 30th birthday a few days back. Well, one thing's for sure, she might be 30 but she doesn't look a day older than 21. Agreed?
Well, happy birthday to Gisele and hope she's back in modeling and stay for a while. That being said, after being pregnant and 30, she bagged quite a few covers and campaigns. There's Cavalli, and Calzedonia for campaigns. Muse, i-D, Vogue Mexico and Korea all featured her in covers and spreads. You go, Gisele!
Well, as a show of respect and admiration, posted some of the best videos of her. Especially love the interview with Bruno. 
Go here to watch the rest, I have Bruno covered below:


Now, I read this over at NYTimes online and thought it's something worth sharing with my little to none readers. I'm not sure about some of the countries that you, readers are form but don't you realized rolling pants are the It thing this season. Aussies are all into it now.

BTW, rolling pants literally just mean rolling up your pants to ankle height to reveal some ankle/skin with no socks on or low cut ones.

So the question is do you think it's a fab or flop?
Well, I think it can be both. It's really chic and all but with the wrong top and shoes, you might just be in a fashion faux pas. Read the article to do learn the ways of rolling pants. Link again!

I totally agree with the article, it's a very subtle art to learn. Be careful with that. Take a look at Exhibit A(far left) from above. Hot pink pants never worked for me, and a military badge on a polo tee to match is just too bad. Exhibit B and C works fine. Chic and nicely done but I might consider a change of shoes. Not sure what to change into but it looks weird to me.

Word to the wise, think of body proportions before you do it.  I've seen bad things happen to those who don't. Think and roll wisely. Another thing, don't roll your bootleg jeans, better yet just burn them. Bootleg had been out of the field for out a while if you didn't notice.

Here's another two good ones:

Simple, chic and modern. Very summer and cool.


Well, that's all and stay tune. See you next week. I'll try to get online in the weekends if possible. 


  1. i like to roll up my denim and pair them with boat shoes or moccasins, even in winter. :)

  2. Really? I'd want too but not sure it would look good on me plus it's winter in australia now.