Friday, July 30

Fashion Digest: FNO Everywhere; NY London Showdown!; The Cat Mius

Another digest after almost a week of absence, I am so sorry. I have lots to share but just can't decide on what yet. I have digests, couture, noetic science (Yes I know what it is) and more. So before I figure out which to post, it is already Friday and yet another weekend with no internet. So bear with me.

So let's start digesting some fabulousness!


FNO Everywhere
As all of you fashion die-hard should know, Fashion's Night Out is storming in September and not just New York. This year around, it's going international, even Sydney has it but no definite news on that. 

By the way, if anyone in New York reads this, please help me get the FNO t-shirt and jumper,  want it so badly!!

So I'm here to share some of the happenings that might excite you for the event.
  • The Olsens will be in attendance to help the Proenza boys and Simon Doonan judge an in-store karaoke contest (The prize is a Proenza Schouler bag and The Row leather leggings).
  • Rachel Zoe will be on hand for the launch of Piperlime’s first ever pop-up shop. Location TBD.
  • Doonan has designed his own Havaiana flip flop, and each person who perchases a Havaiana/Doonan flip will be able to ask the store’s creative director one question. So ask wisely.
  • Go head-to-head against the designers of Rag & Bone, Rogan and Shipley & Halmos in a ping pong tournament. 
  • Daphne Guinness will be signing perfume bottles
  • Andrew Yang will be exhibiting a collection of about 50 rag doll replicas of runway looks.
  • Bergdorf Goodman’s festivities are set to include a cook-off with the FDNY and a cabaret with Isaac Mizrahi.
  • Bergdorf’s will also be launching a line of exclusive New York-inspired products, including ten coats by ten different designers (including Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone among others); and a pair of TOMS shoes that feature a NYC skyline.
  • Concept store The Corner Shop is feting the launch of the new Isabella Blow book by Thames & Hudson.
  • Galeries Lafayette Berlin will present Michael Kors‘ new Ready To Wear collection. 
  • Plus, the department store is throwing an in-house casting and photo shoot for shoppers in order to find potential models for a Galeries Lafayette fashion show taking place September 30.


  • The West End will be the destination for Londoners. UK’s FNO promises designers and models to mingle with, “expert styling from the Vogue team,” and “superstar” appearances.
  • Avenue Montaigne, where LVMH owns a substantial amount of real estate, will be the home of Paris’ main FNO activities.
**More updates will be posted again soon =)


New York London Showdown!
So New York has always been the city with the largest amount of international brand concentration but not for long apparently. London is sounding its trumpets and challenging that thought. A business advocacy group predicted that London will override New York as the best shopping city. Personally I love New York, different atmosphere compared to London.

I think there's no competition. London's more old times and serene feel (in a way, just very British) and New York is more hip, chic and modern. So it's hard to compare but I would love to be in New York. What's your take? Click for more!


The Cat Mius?
If you know fashion, you would have guessed what the title means. Ring any bells? Some catnip might refresh your memory. Of course we are talking about Miu Miu (Prada's sub collection). So what happen was 4 different fashion mag covers featured this ruffled bust with flower applique dress within a month's time. A big achievement all thanks to Miu Miu's PR team, now named "Wily Foxes".

So thumbs up for Miu Miu. And which do you think is the best cover? I go for Lily Allen/Elle cover or Freja in Vogue British! What's your take?


So that's all for now, and I'll post soon. A coverage on couture and a take on noetic science, perhaps? Writing soon!

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