Monday, June 28

Men Must Haves for Moi

I wanted to post this in the previous post but figured it was too long. So I make a new post. problems solved.
These are my favs of the season and must haves if I were to have the money. Enjoy and tell me what you think. There's clothes and accesories!

Terracotta/Chain mail armor Jackets. 
Rough and stylish from Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana.
Shirts are the way to go. Make sure it's breezy and light though.
Stripes and plain black? Dolce and Gabbana has the perfect ones.
Trench and jackets are cool too.
Not summer but good for a cool spring breeze perhaps?
McQueen's might be too flamboyant? Very A.L.T?
Take Burberry then.

Hoodies on a shirt and parka vest is mighty fine too.
All from Bottage Veneta.

For bags, Lv's monogram city tote works mighty fine. Is monogram really back?
Nothing goes wrong with the right duffel bag. Bottega is the way to go!
Fab "men bags"! (personal joke with my friend)

What's summer without your perfect sandals?
Bottega Veneta has something with comfort and style.

Well, all in all I loved Bottega Veneta the most. I would get most of the stuff they have in the show. Second thoughts on the vest though I love it. Don't have the biceps for it. The Terracotta jackets would be a love for me. Bags from Burberry does a pretty god job too but I can't seem to find the bag shot. Am sure you've seen it in my previous post on Burberry.

Oh and this is my fav of the season!! McQueen side zip sweater? Forgot to post it up here till I talked to my friend. LOL

In conclusion of this, I have to say, "If only I have the money for it". I wish. Seriously! Hopefully in the future I can.


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