Monday, June 28

Mens' Feminity and The Odds

Well, we're still on menswear today, but this is the last of it. This post is all about what I think is the the odds and femininity creeping into menswear. It's probably gonna be a short one. I'm not really sure but read on to find out.

First off, femininity in menswear. I have to say, season after season women had been taking in feminine takes on menswear, mainly suits and collars. Now menswear is doing the same. Taking the female into male. This season, the most notable femininity is from YSL and Comme des Garçons. YSL brings in high waist for men. I'm not so sure about it. It has a certain appeal to it but definitely not something I would wear - at least for now. I'm sure most men would think it's preposterous but fashion is suppose to be forward thinking and this might just be it?

And on with Comme des Garçons. Actual skirts or what i think it is. It might be a skort (skirt shorts) for all I know. But another thing I would not go well with. Marc Jacobs pulled it off before. McQueen too. Maybe there is something to it that makes it tick. And the overlay top which I always thought was for women came to men from Dior Homme.

And to the odds, the most memorable would be from John Galliano. His quirky and awkward take on Charlie Chaplin. One of them with curled hair and bright coat. I'm not really sure what Charlie's hair would be like when he takes off his hat but certainly not this one.

What do you think? Leave a comment, please?


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