Thursday, June 24

Another 100 year old Heritage Gone!

Before reading, note this has racism issues in it. Well, just a tad bit?


Just ran through Facebook and saw this video my friend posted up. Basically it's the PUDU Jail in Malaysia, just right next to Berjaya Times Square. Those who visited Malaysia before, you have probably seen it when you take the Monorail from City Central station to Imbi or Bukit Bintang (Shopping District). It's the building you see with paintings covered in the outer walls - painted by the prisoners then.

I'm seriously gonna miss looking at it when I take the Monorail next time. It's kinda nice to see all the paintings along the walls. An ancient feeling, I'd say.

A brief intro to this place, it's a 100 year old jail built during the British colonial government back in the days. It's a place to imprison men or women for short sentences and served as the only jail in Selangor State in its early days. During the Japanese occupation, it imprisoned a lot of English, Australian and New Zealand prisoners. Not the point!

Basically what our "BELOVED" government says it that it's not something they are proud of. But seriously? It's not easy to keep a building for more than a 100 years. Where in Malaysia you can find anymore? I know there are some left but why make it lessen?

History is history! There's good, there's bad but you have to accept it. Destroying it does not make it any better. People will still remember. So? What do you want to do next? Build another shopping complex? Is there not enough in the area. Sungai Wang Plaza, Times Square, Pavillion, Starhill etc.

Seriously, why the hell do you do that? If you really haveextra money to spare to destroy the place. I'm sure there's more use to it. Hospitals, Scholarships for non-Bumiputra?

Then again, we Malaysians know partly why. Not gonna say it here. It's something that rhymes with coffee and extra expenses. Starbucks anyone?

Bah, that's one of the reasons I would love to stay in Australia. And here's another video that made me dislike Malaysia more and more.

Just makes my blood boil! God, this people! Seriously. We pay taxes too! Not just you.

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