Thursday, July 1

Fantasy came true!

I totally forgot about this until today. All the fashion, university and friends had put me in turbo mode for the last whole year. It was a 'fantasy come true' that I had waited since high school and finally it had!!!

What am I talking about? Of course the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando which was officially opened on June 16 - which is like two weeks ago. Am so excited now that I can't sit tight. The theme park named, "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" is the exact duplicate of what you have read in the books and seen in the movies. Every single detail is an exact replica. From Honey Dukes, Hogwarts Castle, Zonko's and Ollivander's Wand. It's all there.

They have the moving canvases (Fat Lady, Bloody Baron, Headless Nick etc), chocolate frogs (in the exact packaging), acid pops, wands (two dozen different design!), and the all famous BUTTER BEER. Not to worry, no license needed for that. It's a mixture or cookies, chocolate and butterscotch in a root beer appearance.

And the rides are amzaing!!! Dragon Challenge where you can choose which to ride, Hungarian Horntail or Chinese Fireball!

Oh, how I would give anything to go there right now! New York was my top priority but now this! This is it. My dream since I first read the Harry Potter series. I have to go there like right now!

I have to stop day dreaming but I am sure one day I will be able to go there. Doesn't matter if I'm still 21 or 30. I would still go and be a kid again!!!!

Less talk and watch these videos. It is so awesome!!!

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