Friday, July 2

Digest: Emma Watson's New Beau? Oprah Topped Forbes List. Outrageous Twilight!

Another digest coming up before tea today (It's 2.30 pm). Well I'm not sure whether this post is a fashion digest. Nothing much in here is about fashion. Mainly celeb talks. So I left it as just plain digest.
Let's see, today we have the ever chic Emma Watson with her new boy (one of the models with her in Burberry), the Forbes list of most powerful celebs and the most outrageous merchandise to date, at least for me.

Note: Twilight news contains adult topics?

So Emma Watson, the beauty shock of Harry Potter. With HP opening the doors, she landed on independent movies (Ballet Shoes), campaigns (Burberry) and merchandises (HP toys). Apparently there's not all, now she is in a music video. Yup, she is featured in the music video of George Craig, her new beau. George is one of the models in the Burberry campaign with Emma and a music band, One Night Only. A very cute video with Emma and Craig as lovers (duh?) but here's the twist, as dogs. You'll know at the end of the clip. Emma sure made a cute puppy =)

Sorry for the spoiler. Enjoy the clip:


The annual Forbes top 100 most powerful celebrities is back! Topping the chart is of course, Queen Oprah followed by our sexy diva Beyonce and Avatar Director James Cameron. Gaga also made the list at fourth place and Tiger Woods at fifth. Well, being a jerk sure do you good as well. Oh and darling Taylor Swift made 12th. Not bad.

As for the models, have to work harder, Gisele best of the models is only at 85th place. Well, they are models and not much of celebs.

Here's a joke on Tiger. 

**Before Earl Woods die, he said one thing to his son Tiger, "Son, focus everything on gold and f*ck everything else!"
Lame, huh? 

As last on the list is Twilight. I have to say this is the most outrageous merchandise I's ever seen for a movie, a teen flick in particular. Well, for starters, they have the usual ones. The books box set, Barbie Twilights, vampire contacts, perfume etc. But that's not the main part. Now we have Twilight condoms, dildos and tampon cases. Well, manufacturers sure thought it thoroughly. The dildo would make a perfect company for girls who are in love with Rob Patt. Just joking but then again, let's face it. if they would come out with such toys, there sure to be people using them, right? 

Well, they even have undies with Rob Patt on the crotch. Have a look on the two list I found:

Well, that's all peeps and have fun with your toys, Twihards. Yup, apparently Twilight fans call themselves that. Twihard.

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