Monday, August 23

Good day gone bad!

* This is how I feel like now!*

You never know what is gonna befall on you. I conclude that there is no such thing as a good day! Seriously!

Maybe I'm being cynical here but seriously. God! I never cursed so much in facebook before! Probably gonna hang myself now. Have no mood whatsoever to read the news for in-class quiz later, so I'm here ranting my shit out!

Let me tell you about my day. Well, half a day. It's only 12 pm now. Last night slept around 1 am and woke up at 7 am without any alarm buzzing its lungs out to wake me. Fantastic! Then have a nice weather with sun and chill. My favorite.

And you know, I thought, "Hey, might be a good day today. Came to uni early and will have time to rush in some news and blog a bit on the couture piece I have yet to do."

Went to uni and have a great cup of coffee. And then shit starts to happen, maybe it's the coffee or the banana I ate last night. Stomach started rumbling and you know, you get what I mean. Not good. Got an email while in toilet, and somehow left my phone somewhere without knowing in the process from toilet to library.

When I got to the library, the internet fucking suck. Can't load shit without waiting for 10 million minutes and Mozilla kept going to "Not Responding" mode. And then when I reach for my phone, it's gone! F**K!!!!!!!!

Tried calling it but no one picked up. So i deducted and think I dropped it somewhere near toilet or on the way to the library. So yeah, there is no such thing as a good day. At least not for me today.

I never pray to god but please let me have my phone back, god!!! Or at least let me have a nicer day to follow. Feel like hanging myself. Having a migraine now but surprisingly I can still write.

Anyhow, just ranting out, so that I won't jump of the building.



  1. god, don't be such a drama queen!

    btw let us know when u get a new phone or if u can find ur phone (which i doubt)

  2. not drama la. srsly was depressed yesterday. hahaha. maybe because of Hungry Ghost Fest. lol. THink am gonna go get a new phone today or something...