Wednesday, August 18

Expandables? Spoiler Alert!

Editor's note: This is not in anyway fashion related.

Okay, I think everyone knows the hype of THE EXPENDABLES. No? Then you're totally missing out. It's the most action packed movie to date for this year and maybe the last. Then again, I didn't really watch anything of action genre - does Avatar count?

Well, anyway I went for the movie because my mates, Morg and Adrian were crazy over it. ONe reason. Old guys playting mercenaries. Well, I'm being harsh. To put it in a nice way, it is all the all stars group of veteran for action packed movies. We have Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crew and Randy Couture as the main characters, The Expendables team.

Honestly I know only half of the men. Sylvester is who he is, duh? Do I need to say more? Jason Statham is from some movie I've seen before - no idea which. Jet Li - I'm Chinese, of course I know him. And Terry Crew, the dude from White Chicks that loves to listen to A Thousand Miles.

So yeah, and then we have the not so important characters that only appears for less than a few minutes. We have Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (I can't never spell the last name, copy and paste!). Arnold was on screen for what? 60 seconds? And the director made a joke with him. Watch it and you'll know.

So all in all, it's a good movie if you like action. It's what I call a muscle movie. All action and no story. Honestly with all that action and fighting, no storyline is needed.

What I am crazy about is Jason Statham. No. I am not crazy about him. It's the character. I now label him as the dude with mad skills with throwing blades and slicing people off in incredible speed and accuracy. His character, Lee Christmas, former SAS (Special Air Service for the British) was off the hook! His fighting scenes were the best. Well, there were others.
Blade stabbed in throat and twisted around until blood were squirting out like a fountain.
Crazy gun that blasts a man into half. (upper body torn from the lower due to force)
Clean slicing off the hand.
Crazy machine gun that blows the head off.

Yup, all crazy shit but it was gooood. So anyway talk later.


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