Saturday, August 28

Fashion Digest: Madonna A Virgin Again?; Proenza on Art?; Anna And Grace Dolls?

It seems like forever since I posted an update on fashion. Well, the last week hadn't been kind to me. As you might have read the previous post. It wasn't smooth sailing but I have to say, I did act like a drama queen. Oh well, we all have times like this. Plus, this semester's assignments are crazy! Maybe this is how you feel like in your final year (3rd). Well it's a first for me - like a virgin. Now speaking of a virgin, who better to represent than Queen Madonna.
Madonna A Virgin Again?
Well, we all know that she is everything but a virgin. But this time she just might be one. Well, I'm not sure whether she did it beforre but for fashion, I'm pretty sure that it is the first for her - excluding the Vogue MV because it's a MV?
Well, back to the topic, Madonna did a accidental directing for this season's Miu Miu commercial. When I say accidental, it is. It was like any good old day when Madonna stormed into the Miu Miu campaign shoot to invite photog Mert and Marcus for dinner.

When she was there, she just decided that she wants to direct the commercial for Miu Miu and then the crew said she won't be paid, in case she wants it. When agreed on the non-payment deal (She's Madonna and she's rich!), she whipped her iPod out and directed. Typical queen. She gets what she want when she wants it. 
I think she did quite a good job. Well, must say it is a typical Madonna-esque music video. 
Proenza Schouler on Art?
The much anticipated skinny by Jack and Lazaro for J Brand finally hits the stores - online. The pieces were grafitti'ed to perfection sold for $550 per piece.

You might think they're nuts to sell them for that price. But check this out, the jeans are individually hand painted.
Whoever buys these jeans would have a special disclaimer, "wash carefully only by hands and never iron!". You wouldn't want to machine wash $550 away.
So this might be considered as art but it's still just jeans or is it? Would you buy an over $500 jeans to wear or hang it in your wall as art?

I say they make fine pieces for your lounge.

Anna and Grace Dolls
Tired of the Bratz and Barbies? Well, here's an alternate doll for fashionistas in New York. Barneys recently commissioned artist, Andrew Yang to create these one of a kind couture dolls of Vogue editors - Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington.

These dolls are all hand sewn and painted to perfection. Couture dolls. Even they're hair were made exclusively to fit. Andrew had to special order a wig for Anna and personally cut the bob out and Grace's hair were actually permed and not factory made. Truly exquisite but I think there's two more missing. Andre Leon Talley and Toone Goodman. They would make a fine group of dolls.

These dolls will be auctioned off on Aug 31st on Charity Buzz for the New York City Aids Fund.

Well, that's all for now and I hope I will go back to normal and post regularly soon.


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