Thursday, August 12

Fashion Digest: No More Rip-Offs; Pixie Hermione; Dolce and Gabbana for Beach Soccer

Another week come and went away, here's another digest for you. I know I haven't post my couture views yet and S/S 2011 is coming in 3 weeks or so. Apologies for that but here's something to pacify you at the moment. Am working on couture and will post soon if possible.


No More Rip-Offs
There had been much debate of intellectual property since a few years ago, from music, art to fashion. Now New York Senator Charles E. Schumer introduced a bill named, "Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act." to the US Senate. This provides limited protection to authentic designs and prevent knock-offs.

For famous brands, this might not be much of a problem like the monograms from LV, Gucci or Burberry. They have the money and their patterns are internationally recognized and patented. But for most designers, where their collections may be original and still get knocked off by fast fashion retailers. So this law would protect their design for three years as soon as production starts, so brands like Zara wouldn't be able to knock off Proenza Schouler's PS1 bag or Allen Schwartz would might knock off Vera Wang's dress for Chelsea Clinton.

Here's one example of knock offs:


Pixie Hermione
The world is buzzing about the new look of our beloved Hermione. Well Emma Watson. She is known for her role as Harry Potter's trio Hermione Granger, hence the image of long wavy brunette curls is at mind. But now Emma went pixie like Mia Farrow and Twiggy.

The entertainment gossips blows the horn of rebellious age and the star spiral like her fellow teen stars, LiLo, Cyrus and Britney. But rest assured none of these tragedy would befall Emma, in my opinion. Personally I think it's just a hair cut, a change of style after god knows how long of the same hair-cut, mainly for the Hermione image.

Now since the movie is at its end, why not a new hair cut to go ways from the typical Hermione face? I see Emma as the Ivy League actress like Bosworth or Julia rather than the diva dive and die route of Lilo, Britney or Cyrus.

She has a bright future ahead and who knows, the next Gywneth, Julia, Bosworth or Meryl?

Dolce and Gabbana for Beach Soccer
Well, it's safe to say that Domenico and Stefano would be the stars in sports, particularly beach soccer or just soccer. First landing a design contract with Chelsea and now Milan Beach Soccer. They definitely have a hand in sportswear designs. Take a look at these sketches below and these designs from my previous post.
The first is the uniform for beach soccer, simple brief and a beach towel. A coming to play outfit next with two versions, a hot day with sleeveless and if not, take the deep V neck with shorts.
If it gets wet in a rainy day, pop into the jumper hoodie and get back in the game.
Lastlook is for the time when you finish the game and wants to party out or maybe a simple dinner with your mates. 
And all of those is in Dolce and Gabbana, 'bien sûr!'

Well, that's the little things I could share with you now and stay tune for more.

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