Friday, August 6

Re-use and Re-cycle?

I understand that there's a certain signature to every artist's creation. Be it designers, painters, photographers or directors. They might have a certain feel and signature to it and you would know if it is theirs when you see it.

But I feel that Juergen Teller is a bit way too much. I understand there are differences between his works but it's getting bored. He shoot quite a few Marc Jacobs campaigns with the same feel. Monotonous camel-ish color feel, with a white border, overly bright and the brand at the bottom.

It getting a bit old for me. Having a signature is one thing but being repetitive is another. here's another one. Feel the repetitiveness? I do. Like it but come on, change a little.

Still love your work but when the Celine ad came out, I was like "Ugh!". Having the same pattern for one designer is okay, but for both Marc and Celine too?

So like Stylefile says, "Yea, Nay or Eh?"


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