Saturday, June 5

Who's that Model??

I was wondering who the guy character Nicky (brother of Anthony, The Gay Wedding Planner) was in the sequel. Turns out I found him familiar because he is one of the models in the DnG Anthology Fragrance Series, named Noah Mills. He is the model in the bottom right corner. Just a thought.

Speaking of which, the D&G Anthology collection. It is surely one of my top list of fragrances to buy after I get my hands on Marc Jacobs BANG. The collection has 5 different fragrances inspired by the tarot cards which I love as well. Another reason to get it.

I know this is a bit random but it kinda link to my previous post on SATC 2, so I decided to post up. Sue me. Anyway this collection has one of the most fantastic ads for fragrances that I have seen so far, also other than Marc Jacobs BANG which I love. Basically I post this to tell you who was the guy in SATC which then lead to this total random blabbering and I want to share with you, the awesome ads which is already out for quite sometime - whatever. Enjoy =)

 Clockwise starting from top left corner:
 Tyson Ballou, Fernando Fernandes, Eva Herzigova, Noah Mills, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer

The collection has 5 fragrances which is:
Le Bateleur 1 (The Magician, Tyson Ballou),
L’Imperatrice 3 (The Empress, Naomi Campbell) ,
L’Amoureux 6 (The Lover, Noah Mills),
La Roue de la Fortune 10 (The Wheel of Fortune, Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes)
La Lune 18 (The Moon, Claudia Schiffer).

Personally my choice would be La Roue de la Fortune, 10. It suits me most. So people, add this to your "Calvin's Birthday Gift" list. Hahaha. Joking... or am I?

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