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Sex and the Review: Carrie On!

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Sex and the City. A true magnificent series. The movie sequel, Sex and The City 2: Carrie On  which was recently released was a true gem. Honestly I was a bit turned off by the reviews made, which was quite misogynistic. If my use of term is correct, it means sexist. The reviews were probably with a hatred to women. I have to say the reviews was nothing that I experienced. It was a blast of a movie. Before I continue on, I have to warn those who have yet to watch it that my thoughts on it contains SPOILERS! Read at your own risk.

The first thing which prove not to be true is the issue of racism. I read a review which origins is to be remained anonymous said that it was racist because they portray Middle Eastern as servants and employees only in Abu Dhabi. What do you expect? They travel to the Middle East, of course majority of people working there would be Middle Eastern. You can't really expect to see Caucasians working there, can you? So saying that the movie is racist is complete cock and bull!

One of the things I love about the sequel is you can see how far has Carrie gone through. How much she changed. I still remember that I used to think Carrie was annoying and whiny when it comes to love. She matured a lot from that. Shown when she kissed Aidan and how she handles it. How she stop avoiding and refrain from making excuses to telling the truth and face the consequences.

You can see how they others change as well. I, especially love the montage in the beginning where they show how they look it in the first season to now. Carrie was as chic as ever. Charlotte, always the Chanel girl look. Simple, classy and nice. Miranda changed from men suits to elegant dresses and stylish as ever. And of course, Samantha, my favourite character of the series. She changed from a biker chick working for a bar to a successful PR guru with a style to match. Though I am not a fan of the red dress with metal spikes on the shoulders - looked like Rihanna in a MV.

They all aged well since the first season but still as beautiful and fabulous as ever, if not the same. The men aged more than the ladies. Aidan, Big, Steve. They looked matured and wise - old.

All in all, it was a perfect ending for the 12 year series (including the sequel). I love the sequel more than its predecessor. The first was more emotional and sappy where the sequel is more light hearted and fun. It captures the essence of the movie well. Samantha with her ever so witty sex life, Charlotte being drunk, Carrie and her clever pun with words and the serious but fun Miranda, always the rational one - well most of the times. The sequel basically reworked scenes from the series and shows how far they have gone. It was fun and exciting.

I laughed through the whole movie and actually clapped when Samantha went berserk with the condoms and explicit gestures during the gang up by Middle Eastern men. And the end part was very touching as well. Goose bumps all over.

Oh, and Anthony, Charlotte's gay wedding planner best friend got married to Stanford, Carrie's gay best friend. That was a shocker! And the wedding was cool, like "Snow Queen exploded all over the place!"

Another fun experience was when the Australian socceroos came to screen. We actually cheered in the theater. I don't know why I did it but it was fun! though I'm not sure whether it's the real team or not.

I really had a blast during the movie. It was worth watching and exceeded my manipulated expectations. I would definitely still remember the show after a decade or two. The memories it gave to me will definitely be "CARRIE"d ON.

Last but not least, my favorite two lines in the movie:
Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours - Beethoven
Me and You. Just us two - Carrie Bradshaw

PS: Check the book out. A catalogue of all the outfits worn in the show by the fabulous four. From Dior to Halston.

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