Monday, June 7

Suave Swide

Recently I found this amazing website online - well, two days ago to be exact. I forgot how I found it, probably during my search for the D&G Anthology. It's a pretty cool website that I made as part of my current obsessions.

Presenting,! Tah dah! It's a online magazine site by Dolce and Gabbana and it is suave. Love the layout and the contents. Basically it's all about fashion (D&G in particular) some backstage fun, celebrity gossip news and style topics.

When I say style, it does not mean only fashion, from food to goods, they cover it. As long as it is stylish and cool. Well, I like one of the content topic the most, mainly cause of it's name. DIRTY LAUNDRY> Sounds very naughty. *bangs head*

Okay, I know that most fashionistas and nistos would probably know of it ages ago (it started in 2008) but hey, I'm a newbie. Style rookie, if you must (Sorry, Tavi for using your name). So everyday it's a discovery for me and another step closer to this industry.

And before I end this, I wish to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana!
20 splendid years of revolution and style!

And in commemoration of this fabulous event, Models gathered and sand them a birthday song. (Do not expect anything nice - mostly goofy stuff)

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