Thursday, June 17

Shop it at Red Bag Boutique!

A new up and coming vintage boutique is in town. Though sad to say, it is nowhere near me. It's actually in California, US but I thought I could help publicize it a bit because of Chanel Iman. Anyway, those who live near the place, you're in luck!

So, the place is called The Red Bag Boutique, it's a store owned by the mother of fabulous and chic supermodel Chanel Iman. It's a store that sells fashion! From clothes, to bags, bracelets, earrings, hats etc. Everything is extremely chic from what I saw and they sell vintage too.

Now, it's not only the normal vintage stuff from the 60s or 80s. This store sells clothes from Chanel Iman's personal wardrobe. She took out old stuff that she don't want anymore to sell in store. From Jason Wu, Chanel, to Ralph Lauren. You name it, they have it. Well, mostly things you see her wearing on runways. Those are outfits give to Chanel Iman by designers.

Iman and her closet for sale

So if you're a model sample size, you're in big luck! Another plus to shop there is that certain pieces Chanel likes would be signed by Chanel herself. Which I think is cool. A good way to add some incentive to shopping.


That's all for now. Ciao.

PS: Photos aren't too clear. Crop it out of a video from Modelinia where I got to know about this. Oh, and here's a map of the store.

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The Red Bag Boutique
10754 W. Jefferson Blvd Culver City, CA 90230 | Phone - (310)559-7332
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  1. I like some of the outfits at the shop.

  2. Me too, though I can't wear those. Only for women. Anyhow, planning to go there to get some?