Monday, June 21

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2011 Menswear

The Spring Summer 2011 Menswear shows just started off on Saturday and I decided that I should cover menswear as well. I only got into Burberry Prorsum for now because there had been things distracting me for a while, recently. I will get to the other menswear soon - promise!

So Burberry, how should I put this? Well, it's not a bad collection but not everything appeals to me. This season they decide to go into a mix of military and biker rock chic plus some camels and suedes. Did I mention, studs! Studded shoes, belts, jackets etc.
Things I wouldn't wear.
PS:3rd look, it's the fishnet sweater.

Well, I'm not much of a fan for the studded biker jackets and fishnet/deep V neck knitted sweater things. And also, the leather pants and suede trenches. Too out there for me or some are just plain 'Awkward'. I mean I don't have the looks for it - seriously.

But I do love their navy blue trenches and jackets. The khaki trench was not too bad.
Things that I love!

Speaking of which, there is something in the studded wears that I do find interesting. It's not much of the typical spiky studs but it's more of a chain mail kind. You know? Like the armors of Terracotta soldiers. Those I really take into liking, the more I look at it. Not too out there but still makes a statement for moi. And the simple biker without too much studs was good (Look 7).

And last but not least the bags! Oh my god! I just went to the bags paradise, died and got back! - so Carrie. But seriously, it was good! I can't find photos of the bag but you can see them in the show. These are the ones. (Ignore the models, and look at the bag, though the outfits are not bad too).

I left it bigger than the photos before it to show more of the bag. I do not have photoshop at the moment because, as some might already know, I formatted my Mac for maintenance reason and have yet to install Photoshop and Microsoft Office in. Bear with me. Would not last long. Thanks for the patience!


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