Tuesday, June 22

McQueen's Sequel?

Well, this previous post marks my start in menswear exploration. As I said, I am new in studying and looking deeply into menswear like how I did for womens. So I'm still learning and there'smuch that I don't know about it. So bear with me. This might be a rather short one with lots of visuals.

As this is a learning experience for me, it is for Sarah Burton too. The newly assigned Creative Director of Alexander McQueen's brand finally debuted her first collection for the brand. Everyone had been anticipating her works after our beloved Alexander McQueen passed away. We expect a lot from Sarah Burton as most said she was the one who worked closest with McQueen.

Her debut in the Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear show proved to be more than satisfactory and made me want to see her womenswear more. This collection somehow became a trip down to memory lane. I think it has always been a tradition of the brand to rework past collections. Sarah kept true to the brand's tradition. There's looks that are familiar and new looks too.

The most apparent mood I saw from the show was vampires. Is it a hype because of the Twilight series? Is it just me? But when I see the first few looks, it just says vampire aristocrat. Than again, McQueen's works had always been a sense of mystery and fantasy. Plato's Atlantis (S/S 2010), Highland Rape (F/W 2006), witchcraft/dark age themes in F/W 2007, asylum themed 'Birds' etc.
So this collection is no exception.

And then there's the re-working of looks. The most impressionable was the Plato's Atlantis and the F/W 2010 which I like to call the Fallen Angel. One of the pants' pattern looked similar to Plato's Atlantis show. And the printed jacket and red opium jacket looked like McQueen's last collection in F/W 2010.

Perhaps the piece I loved the most is the zipped shoulder sweater with a round neck crisp white shirt. A sense of rebel but soft in a way. Love to have one of those. I have to put the visual as large to show how much I loved it!

So, what are your thoughts? I think Sarah did a great job for her first collection for McQueen. It was more subtle than McQueen but still good.
Just fabuleux!


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