Wednesday, June 16

Fashion Digest: Coco Rocha's I do!; McQueen VS Cadbury?; A.Wang's New Crib

Another digest coming up before supper. Actually I wanted to post this up last night but was dead tired and slept early. So this week we have Coco Rocha's wedding gown, a showdown between Alexander McQueen and Cadbury, and finally Alexander Wang's new 2 million dollar loft at Tribeca.

First off, Coco Rocha. Congratulations for tieing the knot! She got married in a French castle at June 9. Super private event with 50 guests. It was incredibly intimate until all the news and blogs talks about her dress.
There had been many guesses of what Coco was going to wear for her nuptials with James Conran. Most people thought it was gonna be Zac Posen because she was quite close to him recently. You can see that when she wore Zac's design for more than one occassion - MET ball for example? 
So the rumors are indeed true, Coco wore a white mermaid tail gown made with possibly vintage fabrics by Zac Posen. She looked like an angel in it. 10 of 10 wedding points for her! 
With a gown that angelic and married to a man she loves in a French castle is simply divine. Hopefully we'll see more of the gown and the wedding soon from her OH SO COCO blog. She had not update for the longest time.

After the happy wedding news, I have for you a showdown between Alexander McQueen and Cadbury. Yes, you heard me! Cadbury, the chocolate with their new chocolate flake bar. Remember the amazing Fall/Winter show at 2006 by McQueen? Let me refresh for those who have no clue. During 2006, McQueen ended his F/W show with a hologram of Kate Moss floating in the air in a delicate and fragile gown. Mainly to support her after her drug controversy. 
Back to the story, so the guy who made that hologram, Ballie Walsh directed a new commercial for Cadbury that looks 90% or more similar to the Kate Moss Hologram. That made Gucci Group wonder whether to sure or not. If I were Gucci Group, I'll look at the contract signed and hopefully rake some cash from it.

Here's the two video, What do you think? :

Last on my list is Alexander Wang's new loft at Tribeca. Wang got the house for $2 million recently after selling his apartment in the East Village for 750k. No way is better than to buy an expensive loft to show your success. After all, he won the Swarovski Award for Accessories Designer and he is the talk of NYC since he came about with his first cashmere collection. Way to go, Wang!

The last one is probably short but what else to say? Some news site say it's bad for him since the East Village is more lively and culturally inspired compared to Tribeca which is more dead. But who wouldn't want a new shiny apartment to live better? Anyways, that's all in this digest.

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  1. It's wonderful that you shared the two videos. I think both are beautiful. We are all guilty of re-using ideas- even if they are our own.