Wednesday, June 9


Here's a thought, designers always used reference from the past, present and what they think the future would be. Marc Jacobs love to reference works from the 40s to 80s. Other designers like it too. They reference everything from film influence, foreign cultures and techniques, mythical beings, objects (birdcage, anyone?), and more.

So I thought why not manga? As those who know me, I have a larger than life obsession towards manga or what the westerners call comic. Japanese comics to be exact. So I've been thinking, why not reference manga? I've seen plenty of chic wearable designs in manga. Maybe they are worthy of reference. Who knows?

Take "Paradise Kiss" by Ai Yazawa as an example. They have plenty of good stuff. Then again it's a manga that mixes love stories and fashion design together. They are bound to be good works. The image above is an example. An elegant blue gown, embroidered with beads and crystals, braided and blue roses were sewn to it. A very haute couture piece.

Or maybe a manga that I adore the most, "Mahou Negima Sensei!. they have good designs too. Take a look at the above.

So what do you think? Is manga characters' outfits worthy of reference? Am I talking about some bullsh*t stuff? Comment or rate it. Ciao.

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