Wednesday, June 9

What's left of Vogue?

 Sally Singer and Mark Holgate of Vogue US

Oh my god! It has been confirmed!!! Sally Singer, Vogue's Fashion News Director had just confirmed that she will be leaving Vogue to become the Editor-in-chief for T Magazine. Well, first congratulations to Singer. She really deserves it. Well, you have to move on when time comes. Vogue is a huge deal but form a Fashion News Director to EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, it's worth the leave.

With Sally Singer gone and Andre Leon Talley 'downgraded' from Editor at Large to contributing editor, what's left of Vogue? It's kinda sad to see them leave. They had been part of Vogue for so long. All their work makes the essence of what is Vogue like any other contributing staff of the magazine. VIEW section was always Singer's pride and joy and one of the things I love to read the most whenever I get my monthly issue of Vogue.

It's definitely different now.

And it had just been announced that Mark Holgate, Senior Fashion Writer at Vogue will be taking over Singer. Mark wrote numerous articles for Vogue US and occassionally in He commented on Resort shows 2011 too. He's most recent one is called Tiny and Mighty on Janelle Manoe in Vogue's Shape Issue (April 2010). Let's hope he would be as good as Singer had been or better?

Well, I'm sure Vogue will maintain itself as it is or better. Anna would definitely keep things at hand in control. But seriously I cannot imagine what will happen when Anna decided to retire! Hopefully this day would not come, at least not in the near future.

So, Ciao.

PS: I re-posted this because I got the Mark Holgate update like 5 minutes ago. So re-posting it with a bit of tweaking.

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