Wednesday, June 2

Another Late Night with Calvin & Show Studio

Time for another last night post before I sleep. One of the things that kept me awake tonight (it's 3 am) is Show Studio. For some reason, I forgot how I ended up in that website. It's a fashion blog/website that has projects featuring numbers of celebrities including designers. Well, the one who caught me in the net was Lady Gaga when she did an interview with Alexander Fury.

Check the site: Showstudio

Basically the questions are from all around the world, from John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, Quetin Tarantino to Edison Chen (Ugh). It was rather fun and interesting to watch. I'll talk less and put the video here for you people to watch.

(am not sure whether the link would change or not, Just find archive if it doesn't work. Sorry)

Another two videos in there that caught me were the new ad for Alexander McQueen's Puma and the full show for McQueen's "Plato's Atlantis" collection and a personal interview with the man himself. And again just watch it.

Alexander McQueen - Plato's Atlantis from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

RAW POWER! (Click to watch since I can't embed it)

What's a post without a bit of fashion digest for the day. First off, we have CFDA Awards coming in 6 days. I would so trade anything to attend that awards night. it's gonna be major! But I'm a nobody now. Swear to god, that one day I'm gonna be on the list!
So, the council just released a bit of preview for viewers to get a taste of the awards. The council released some pictures that they shot of the designers nominated for the awards - that will be in a journal for the awards. It was quite an intimate shoot where all designers and their muses/aesthetics. A few was shown including Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Donna Karan. Somebody get me the damn book! I want it!

 Marc Jacobs
Nominated for:
Womenswear Designer of the Year
Accessory Designer of the Year

 Alexander Wang
Nominated for:
Womenswear Designer of the Year
Swarovski Award for Accessory Design

 Donna Karan
Nominated for:
Womenswear Designer of the Year


That's all the digest for to night, nothing much but enough for the day - I figured. Nah, I'm just being lazy. Another a sneak peek to what I have been up to. I have always wanted to brush up my illustration skills for fashion but of course, I procrastinated as always. So I did something simple out to try out.

It's just something lame. Am trying to get the anatomy correct before I go for the design part. What do you think? For an amateur, is it bad??? I have more but this is the one I colored for the first time, so I decide to post it up. Don't laugh ><

Anyway Ciao for the night.

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