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Fashion Digest: Sarah burton for McQueen, Books for Fashionistas, Burberry Resort

Another digest is here for everyone to savor. Unfortunately this post, I have little news to share since it's a slow news for the past few days. So we have the new creative director for McQueen, books recommended for fashion lovers or whoever wants a career in fashion and at last another resort collection, Burberry Prorsum.


Sarah Burton to succeed the McQueen Legacy
After the lost of Alexander a while ago, the Gucci Group announced the new successor for the House of McQueen, Sarah Burton. She's practically the right hand lady for McQueen since she graduated from Central Saint Martins and she had been with the house for 16 over years.
Many might doubted her abilities, whether she can do what McQueen do. I think not. McQueen was a legend and master of the unusual, no one could do what he did. She would never do what McQueen did because that would be just copying. It might be that she succeeds the house and follow his vision. I still believe she will be able to create something anew and fresh for the brand.
So I can't wait to see what she has to offer. Without a doubt, she would be great. After all she was the one who completed the last collection of McQueen for F/W 2010.


Books for the fashion aspired has just recommended books for Fashionistas and those who wants to work in fashion. As said in the website, the books builds a foundation of knowledge for fashion. From the past, present and future, the books talk about it all and in different angles. (Note: Those in italic is my words, others is just what wrote for description.)
Here's the list:

The Teen Vogue Handbook

If you’re young and eager to break into the fashion industry, this compilation of success stories from the best of fashion’s best is an inspiring read. It features everyone from Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley to Anna Wintour to Marc Jacobs.
"I read this myself, it really is like a bible. Anything parts of fashion careers is listed, from editors, photographers to designers."

The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever, by Teri Agins
This book changed my life. Really. A long time ago, when I first started as a reporter at Forbes, I knew that I wanted to be a fashion writer, but I didn’t know what kind of fashion writer. Since the job was at a finance pub, I was forced to learn about the business. And one of the first books recommended to me by an editor was The End of Fashion, written by the Wall Street Journal’s longtime fashion reporter. The book explains how conglomerates like LVMH and red carpet fashion changed the industry forever. Some ideas are dated, but in general, it’s a fascinating, educational read. After finishing, I knew that I wanted to focus my career on what was happening behind the scenes.

The Fashion Designer Survival Guide: Start and Run Your Own Fashion Business, by Mary Gehlhar
A successful designer friend of mine recommended this book. While there’s no denying that starting your own label is incredibly, incredibly tough, it can happen. And it can go on to become successful. With a forward by entrepreneur Diane von Furstenberg, Gehlhar aims to give aspiring designers a bit of guidance.

There is more on the actual page. Click HERE


For Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Bailey emphasized the theme "A collection with a life before it was created". It's quite literal. He had 1930s British colonies inspired uniforms, urban steam and Hollywood sizzle to the collection - just to name a few. The colonies inspired outfits were all found from archives in the company. It was fantastically breathtaking. The leopard prints for Hollywood, the knits for urban. That's just my thought. Have a look here:


So that's all for now. Ciao. More to come if possible.

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