Friday, May 28

Fashion Digest: Naomi turns 40, Influential Bloggers, Iman Obscenity, Sex and The City 2

Assignments had been piling up this past week but I promised myself to blog more often, so I'm gonna do it even with work piling. Technically this is part of my work too. So it's time for another fashion digest from yours truly.

Naomi's 40!
Today we have Naomi Campbell, Iman, Power Bloggers and Sex and the City news. Just this Monday, Naomi Campbell celebrated her 40th birthday in Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, UK. Stars around the world gathered, from celebs, designers, models and socialites. They all came to honor this supermodel of the decade. Though she might be a tad bit cranky and has anger problems, she is still wonderful in her career. So Happy Birthday, Naomi! Am sure you have a good one. Let's hope being older, makes you wiser - or tamer.


Bloggers' Influential
Bloggers finally gets recognition from the media as professionals. Most had been in denial that bloggers are influential for the past few years but results are showing. I'm not saying that magazine or any other print is irrelevant now but bloggers are to be recognized by the society. I have to say, print is not dying yet, and with online journalism flourishing, print might even get better. I had a big argument on this in my assignment. Check this: Is Online the new "IT" Magazine?
Back to the topic, influential bloggers includes we have Tavi, Style Rookie; Susanna Lau, Style Bubble UK;  and Bryan Boy. All of them are fabulous and I think The Sartorialist should be in the list though the line of it being a blog or a website blurs out. Check the list here: Most Influential Bloggers. They have the links to the blogs I mentioned - am too lazy to put the links here.


Iman Honored or Disguested?
Big news from CFDA Awards, Iman will be receiving the Fashion Icon Award in coming June 7. But that's really the point. What happen was Iman was honored by Barneys for being awarded. So she was featured at Barneys'window display with photos throughout her career. now, the controversy started when one of the photos shows a male model full frontal and that's not the best part. It's on eye level when children passes by. Talk about sex education. Although I love Iman, that was a bit bad for public's eye. Not her fault, mainly of Barneys. So I still congratulate Iman for getting the award. She is without a doubt one of the best fashion icon I know.


Sex and the City 2: Carrie On
So Sex and the City 2 just premiered in the US on 26th May, something which I dread now because Australia is only showing on June 2.I seriously am desperate to watch it. To see Carrie being an idiot with too much of feelings to share and wants Aidan again. So her... On the premier everyone was gorgeous. Sarah Jessica in Valentino, Kristin Davis in vintage Jean Desse, Kim Cattral in Naeem Khan and Cynthia Nixon in Carolina Herrera. All of them were fabulous. They wore things similar to what they would have worn in the movie. I guess, being in the movie for so long rubs on you. Well, except for Cynthia which looks completely different than Miranda in the movie. So used to her with short hair. Speaking of Sarah Jessica, she was just enlisted as the presenter for a speical tribute award to Alexander McQueen. Not a suprise wince they were good friends. Remember, the 2003 Costume Institute Gala, where she wore matching tartan dress with McQueen.


So that's all for today! Enjoy and have a nice week. Ciao.

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