Monday, May 24

Fashion Digest: the Best of Models 2010; Marc Jacobs Nude Ad? etc

Time for my next digest on fashion.It's 1 am and not getting to bed yet, so I figured that I should put another digest since there's not much of runways now. So enjoy the big news. Today we have Top 10 Highest Earning Models, released a while ago, Marc Jacobs nude for his BANG perfume, and AMerica's Next Top Model wins over contract for Vogue Italia.

So every year, Forbes puts up list of various things, from richest man, most influential woman and also the top earning models. I just found the list a while ago and here goes. For three years in a row, Gisele Bundchen is in first place on the list, earning $25 million for the last year. Without a doubt, she is the most successful model of my time, which is now. Then Heidi Klum was second with $16 million, topping Kate Moss with $9 million. For the full list, - Just click on the More scribbling for more.

I noticed that most listed here as Angels of Victoria's Secret, which goes to show that VS pays well and good luck for others who joined the team, especially Kylie Biscutti who debuted in VS 2009 through winning a competition. No professional modelling before but she was lucky for winning it. So maybe we'll see more of her?


On the other hand Marc Jacobs just launched his new fragrance BANG. It's something to celebrate but reviews had been up saying that Marc went over the top, posing nude with the fragrance placed to cover his privates. actually wrote a letter addressing Marc, how they miss the old eccentric, chic, and unique Marc and think he should not be so sexual which 'they' think spoils his image. Ugh, I mean, come on! It's not the first time he did it, he did himself nude for a line of his t-shirt, Protect The Skin You're In, alongside celebrities and models. What's the big deal? He's still talented and the ad is just a expression of him. So? Sex sells for all that matters. Still love him whatever he chose to pose in.


Last on the list,  America's Next Top Model. Finally Tyra Banks manage to score something better for the models to compete for. A cover and spread in Vogue Italia magazine. After a long run of Seventeen magazine, they finally get something which matters. Don't get me wrong, Seventeen is a good teenage magazine. There's all to it, TEEN! Being in it opens doors but that does not make you a Top Model per se. You need international FASHION magazines. Thank god for Andre Leon Talley joining the panel. Sure makes things better. Andre is the main reason they got Vogue Italia - IMO. So kudos for them and too bad for the previous winners which we never heard much from anymore. Maybe this time, a real Top Model will come. Good luck, America!


1. Gisele Bundchen - $25 million

 2. Heidi Klum - $16 million

3. Kate Moss - $9 million

 4. Adriana Lima - $7.5 million

5. Doutzen Kroes - $6 million

6. Alessandra Ambrosio - $5.5 million

7. Natalia Vodianova - $5.5 million

8. Daria Werbowy - $4.5 million

9. Miranda Kerr - $4 million

10. Carolyn Murphy - $3.5 million


So there's all to it. Anyway just wanna know who actually read further by clicking on More scribbling? Just wanna know, comment on this to tell me. Just a quick, "Hi, I read this." would do. Ciao.

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