Thursday, June 3

Coffee Break at BBB?

Cappucino by BBB

So finally I am posting something other than fashion into my humble abode. But I seriously have to share this with you. So the other day, me and my housemates, Adrian and Gaya went for a stroll in the city and we decided to go to this cafe that Adrian was raving about. Actually I went there before once but I didn't have a camera with me and I forgot to post it. Anyway the place is a small cozy cafe at Little Bourke St, between Elizabeth and Queen St. (359 Little Bourke Street) - Brother Baba Budan.

So this place is very unique. You see, they make their own blend of coffees and it's different everyday. So you might get to taste different coffees, each time you go there. The cafe is quite small. There's one huge table that can seat 8 customers and a counter table that seats 4 to 6 customers. And that's why it's always packed with people having takeaways. Oh and they have homemade pastries!

The best thing about that place is VINTAGE! Seriously, their wallpapers are just crumbled and worn out papers of words and pictures. It's as if it's from a textbook. And the main thing,  they have chairs hanging on the ceiling. Yeah, you heard me! CHAIRS! It's makes it looked weird but in a good way. A McQueen way?

So anyway go try it out if you're in Melbourne. Seriously worth the trip. It's really late now and I have yet to sleep. A coffee sounds great for me. Mmmm...

Ciao. Nights!

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