Tuesday, May 11

Tommy Hilfiger - Getting it!

As some might know but most don't, I recently got an interview at Tommy Hilfiger's store at Melbourne Central. It was a casual staff opening and I went to inquire. Turned out they are hiring staff that can speak Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). Apparently at Tommy, demographics are mostly Asian, well mostly Chinese.

So we talked and I got booked for a face to face on Tuesday which is today. I thought it went rather well. They seemed pleased of me and my criteria. Seemed happy enough with my answers to their question. Or maybe, I am in-denial. God! I hope not!

I was rather nervous the day before. I read in the Teen Vogue Handbook (a reading I got for fashion careers guide), when you go for an interview for anything fashion related, do not dress the typical suit attire. Go for something that tells them you are passionate in fashion and your personality as well.

So I went with a Cotton On ocean blue shirt with a Navy blue sweater from FCUK. Paired with G2K pants and my beloved McQueen Puma shoes. Not too formal but I think still tells them I'm serious about this job. Quite the preppy look.

When I reach the store, I was relieved to see the 2IC is dressed in similar style. I know, I know. I should have paid attention to what they wear when I first inquire rather than freaking out about it. But thank god for that!

So, people! Pray hard for me to get the job. They said they'll call me by the end of the week to inform me. So fingers crossed! Well cross everything! Legs, eyes, ears, mouth, whatever.

Ciao. Just ranted it out for some relieve and share updates as some of you suggested. Still, suggest more about what I can write here! Anyone?

By: taylorkookoo (deviantart)


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. all the best my dear...next time grab some free stuff from Tommy Hilfiger then present to me,k..miss u a badly,hope u everything goes smoothly=)