Sunday, May 9

A New Haunting Experience

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Okay, tonight I experienced something that was in doubt for me for as long as I can remember. Supernatural and spirit talks are all but a myth to me. Sure, stories were being told by many of my peers of their supernatural encounter and I somehow found it fascinating. Well, I'm always a sucker for mythical, fantasy and supernatural things. So tonight my doubts became truth as I witness something out of the ordinary. Something that was so hard to believe but yet inside my head, I believed it.

It was a random day hanging out and about when my friend, K (he prefers to remain anonymous) got a call from his friend which happened to be one of my acquaintances too. His friend, A told him to get over to the hospital as his girlfriend, Y was admitted to the emergency.

You see, K was always known by his peeps as someone in touch and knowledgeable of the supernatural. He knows and sees things, mortals like us can't. At first we thought it was just sudden panic. Never did came across as one of 'those' incidents.

So off we went to the hospital in a North Melbourne suburb. When we entered the room were Y was, I saw her shaking. Really shaking like when you have a seizure. It was bad. Her right leg was placed awkwardly over the the knee of her left. Something we always do when we laze the day around in bed. But who would be in that pose in a ward. Her eyes were shut, arms and legs shaking, body was shivering and cold.

As A explained to us, they were watching a movie at home and out of the blue, it happened. She shook immensely and when A approached her with his housemates to hold on to her. She bit them. Three guys in their 20s can't hold a girl down. Definitely weird unless you are a heavy weight champ or Wonder Woman.

K walked in to the ward and checked her. Did something which I did not know as I waited outside the room. I was freaked out in a way. It was just bizarre. When he came out, Y was fine. Her legs were down, eyes opened and breathing normally. She was conscious.

Now apparently, K said that 'something' was holding on to her leg and disturbing her 'qi' or energy. thus the bizarre incident. That thing ran off after K went in the room. Now up to this point, one might still say maybe she was in some kind of medical condition, cramp or low on calcium.

But when the doctor, (he was Asian which I find suprising in a Australian Hospital, then again maybe it's common. It was my first visit in one.) came back to the room with the blood test and diagnosis, he said something I would not expect from a doctor.

"I find nothing wrong with you. I though you were low in calcium but it seems find. Your blood is good. Nothing. I can't even explain the condition. You're okay now? Hmm.. Maybe something in your brain?"

That was seriously the bomb that struck me, telling me that the supernatural exists and was no myth. I don't know about you people. Maybe you think it's bogus. Well, at least it's something to ponder about. So yeah, I chose to believe it as something supernatural. What are your thoughts?

True or trash?

PS: More juice in it after we talked back in A's house but to be remained confidential. Can't really be in words unless it becomes a 2000 word short story.


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