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The Long Wait for Paris

First of all, I am apologies of the 'hiatus' that went for almost a month. Yup, hiatus. That's what I am calling my art of procrastination now. And now comes my usual excuses, I was 'busy'. No, seriously I was. Assignments is piling up for me for the past few weeks and also a sudden addiction to xBox 360 that is not mine - housemates. So yeah, I went on hiatus mode.

Now as I would want to put it after watching a series that shall remain unknown. You (whoever reads my blog) have two choice.
1.) To boo on me and criticize me of my procrastination.
2.) Push all the criticism you have and move on.
I would seriously recommend the latter. Less work and negativity.

Now for the long awaited (if ever) post of Paris Fall/Winter 2010 which was done like ages ago. But since it's still summer at Paris, no harm in covering it anyways. Bite me for out of date coverage.

Back to the main topic, Paris. This season it's about a few things. A return of minimalist, power dressing, and of course FUR. Also, this season, we celebrate the women with curves. Designers decided to go back to bosoms rather than the flat tracks. A sign to fight eating disorders and the skinny.

Victoria's Secret Angels in Louis Vuitton
From left: Adriana, Alessandra, Karolina

One of the designers against the skinny is Marc Jacobs. He called on a list of celebrated models for their voluptuous figures back on the runway. Some of them which happens to be my favourite, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Adriana Lima known to be the splendid Victoria's Secret Angels and others like Jessica Stam and Rosie Turlington. seriously, what empowers curves and body more than the Angels. Karolina and Alessandra is hot this season landing on the shows, ads and editorials. Kudos to them.

Also like he chose the path of minimalist similar to his own line for Louis Vuitton. Simple and classic. Definitely a slow down after a circus like act of afros for the last season but nevertheless makes a huge statement, especially the bags with fur on. The gowns were mind-blastingly seductive and gorgeous. Coco sure did rock the runway with that amazing floral like print evening dress. Love them all.

Another few who did minimalist this season were Celine and Stella McCartney. There were more but they caught my eyes. Stella McCartney did a series of fabulous day wear and cocktails for evening. A little short of material, if you ask me. not what you have in mind for winter but paired with the right pairing of tights, coat or boots, nothing can go wrong. And controversially, she opened the show with a fake recording of Tiger Woods and his mistress. What was she hinting? Dresses for the mistresses? They would be one fab mistress with Stella's dress. Woods can definitely afford it.
Stella McCartney's Mistress Harem

Celine had a fabulous but yet simple show. Everything was very straight to the point and more WYSIWYG. Her collection is basically a transformation of a woman's day. From what she wants to wear in the morning to afternoon, tea, evening, supper. Everything is covered which is marvellous. So basically buy the whole collection, you're good to go for the whole week without clashing or repeating your clothes. But no way, one would do that. Mix and match would be better. Hers was simple which makes it so much easier to cross it with other things of your wardrobe and never really go out of style. Also with last season Phoebe Philo crashed the runway with camels, now it's everywhere. She really did leave a mark in Spring/Summer 2010.

Galliano went minimal for his Christian Dior collection too. But not very simplistic, still extraordinary. It was more of a subtle and tamed down look of his couture collection. The rider/french stable boy style. But for his own line, he went for extravagance with nomad inspired princesses as a theme. It looked couture-ish but if you take off and separate the outfit into pieces, it makes fine ready-to-wear.

Christian Dior's Rider

Galliano's Nomad Princess

Talking about extravagant shows, nothing beats Chanel. With huge ice blocks and polar bears on a show. What more can you ask for. Nothing better than show and tell to scare the public of global warming. But I do feel bad for the shoes and bottoms to have walked on melted ice water but it made the show unforgettable. Karl for the win! Like most designers, FUR is a must and Chanel had it done perfectly as always. Ending with a wedding gown in fur by Freja, it was one big bang of a finale. Artic wedding. I would love that.
 Chanel's Artic Blast

A small note to power dressing, since this has been a topic in fashion for quite sometime. Women now wants to have power and authority. What's better than putting a fabulous cocktail or fur coat to intimidate your colleagues and everyone else.

And of course to Yves Saint Laurent, my favourite of all. This season was as good as any other. Simple and classy, just how I like it. Some of it very nunlike but sexy with the hood like hats and chains on the waist. Hmm.. something for the churches to roll their eyes on. And like always, there is no color in the collection. Mostly blacks, whites and shades of grey, which Stefano said before that winter is never for colors. You feel down and moody except for those electric blue shoes - fab.

That's all for Paris since it was long gone and I have writers block at hand to continue. On to photos of some of my favorites this season.

A lot of color for winter but still who wouldn't want some brightness in the shortage of daylight in winter.
The futuristic heels with hints of abtract art in it. FAB!!
Kind of a followup from S/S, and still with the warrior feel.
Talking about color, this blast off the roof with the sparkle of gold. The golden evening reminds me of Gisele, somehow.

Elie Saab
Another Oscar worthy collection. Worn by many celebrities for the past few months. Just gorgeous.

Pale white face with sportswear inspired outfits fit the winter olympics perfectly.
Love the graphical patterns with hard material skirts.

Okay. that's about it and I hope I can write more next time. Forgive me for the hiatus. Will try not to do it again. In the mean time, please help me promote my blog and any suggestions in what else to write? Perferably fashion related? Suggestions are welcomed in comments. Ciao.

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