Sunday, April 11

The Month that Passed

As you all might know I am back in Melbourne since March and I haven;t been updating about myself for a while now. I have had people pestering me about it. All I was posting was mostly fashion, fashion and more fashion but that's what I do - which reminds me that Paris is not up yet.

So here's a post that crams in all I had been doing for the past month in Melbourne. So after I've been back to Melbourne, the first thing was moving. Yup, I moved from the student hostel I was in to a house in Moonee Ponds, a suburb 20 minutes away from the city by tram. It's a nice cozy house, although the outer view of the house is, lets just say that it's not that appealing. But, I have to say the inside is perfect. It really gives you a feel of your own home and my room is double of what I had before in Swinnerton and I pay less.

Then after the moving, it was back to studies which is not bad. Something I had been looking forward to for the past summer. I sound like such a nerd which I am. Other than uni stuff, I bought a few books to read which is amazing for those who like me, love fashion. Here's the list, so check it out:
  • Teen Vogue Handbook: An insider's guide to careers in fashion
  • Vogue Fashion: Over 100 years of style
  • Manolo Blahnik Drawings
All of these was on sale which is perfect for me. Such a cheapskate, huh?

What else? Oh, we have a dog in the house now, a Husky named Sasha. Totally gorgeous but disastrous as well. For some apparent reason, she like socks, well my socks. But still love her. Then again, Gypsy is still my favorite. 

Adrian's mom came by to visit for a week during Easter break which was fun. We went to Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. There are quite a few tips I would love to share and photos too. So that will be in the next post. So yeah, that's all that happen so far. Nothing much.

So I'll leave you for now and share more on Paris and travel tips in the next posts. Ciao.

PS: Am looking for a part time job in Melbourne, any help?
PSS: Got myself a pair of Puma by Alexander McQueen shoes. Lucky me. 70%++ off in the last pair clearance rack.

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  1. hey mate glad to see you mentioned something bout yourself this post~ LOLZ! and glad you're doing well..take care mate and all the best in your studies...