Saturday, March 20

Jet set to London!

Okay, it's been too long since my last one on New York which was last week, so I figured I'll do London and Milan tonight. Blogging has been quiet a challenge to me with assignments, movies, books, magazines, the hanging outs and of course procrastination. I have to somehow stay away from those if I were to be a journalist. First lesson is consistency. Another is trustworthy. So I hereby declare that I would try and post at least one or two post a week. So fingers crossed for me?

Back to the point, from New York, we obviously jets over to London for some British fashion. Though this season had been a bleak one for London - that's my opinion. Nothing really caught my attention that much, even if they do, it's just for a short span. As I said in my London S/S 09 post, I am still learning my roots into British fashion grounds. So forgive me if the coverage is limited.

As my London posts goes, it is almost tradition to have Burberry to start off - Burberry Prorsum to be exact. This season, of course it's about the coats. Bailey is plating with proportions, from oversized coats, cropped and fitted coats to giant fur collar ones. As you see the outfits, you might notice the Aviator influence in the coats especially the ones with the giant wool-like collar ones. Very Amelia Earhart to me, at least that's what I think it is based on Night at the Musuem II.
 Aviator Influence Coat>

There was not one dull moment in the show. As the show went on, it was live-streamed to viewers and online pre-order can be done in its site. That's something interesting and would cause choice disorder for those who would go and buy.

> Cropped Trench

There was too many to choose from. Buying one and not the other would almost feel like a sin. Even for me, if I can afford the coats - I WOULD! No. Not the womens' wear but the menswear. Yes. They do have menswear for Prorsum collections. Though not much, they are to die for.
Men Trench>

There's also the over-sized and full power fur coats which are as gorgeous as the above ones. Not to mention fab boots. Boots for both genders just screams "BUY ME NOW!!" to me. If Australia is as cold as UK, I might consider in splurging to one of those - that is if I have the cash.

Another designer that caught my eyes was Julien Macdonald, though I am not sure whether you heard of  him before. He is a sensation as I just found out. He (A Welsh designer) worked for Chanel, appointed as Givenchy's successor after McQueen and worked for McQueen's knitwear as a freelancer. So practically he's awesome. For those who knew him before I did, please do not make fun of me. So this season, he went for the sophisticated and glam look for day and outerwear but turn to sexy lingerie for evening. Very Galliano for me, especially the lingerie inspired evenings but nonetheless he has his own aesthetics and I don't think there's a designer who made something without referring to something - seriously. So have a look.

Before I end this post, I found another interesting designer who has very Gaga taste - Nathan Jenden. His works just fits Lady Gaga perfectly and I think Gaga herself would like to try it. Take a look yourself.

Again, for more on Fashion Week, check STYLE.COM


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