Monday, March 15


Just a random post after a fun night of house warming at my new crib! Found a new image that I love and tweaked it a bit and VOILA! A desktop background.
As you can see, this is Coco Rocha, top model from Canada who walked for the likes of DVF, Chanel, CK, YSL and so on. Shot for Vogue US, Italia, Paris and much more. My new favourite after Natalia.
Grabbed this of Fashion Gone Rogue - love the site. A shoot from Vogue Mexico, 'Oda a Coco', tribute to Coco Chanel by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton.

Enjoy and LOVE!
 Grab it if you want though it's for a Mac desktop (1280x800)
A true Coco for Coco.

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