Sunday, March 21

Di moda a Milano

From London, of course we hop to the famous Milan with designs from Prada, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Alberta and more. Well, this season I have mixed feelings with Milan. Not to say it was a bad week for them, I mean, there was some pretty good stuff but there was also some sad stories along the way. It is like war, one might be victorious but whoever it is steps through the ruins of war.

This season, I say in Milan, the tweeds are huge especially from Jill Sanders, there's always the blacks which cannot go wrong in any season - especially winter. Femme fatale has always been a huge theme incorporated in most aesthetics. And of course, as this season goes, searching back on ones roots and history is inevitable. Designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Donatella, Prada and Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi are one of the ones that did. They revisited their past and history of their brand to try create a better future for fashion. The improvisation and remake of old traditions plus rule breaking were almost mandatory this season.

First off is Prada. This season, Prada has gone high-tech with the showroom inspired by 'Glamor on Twitter'. The entire room was plastered with texts and animation images of a beauty parlour theme. Everything was a bit graphic design-ish. Now back to the clothes, Prada is making a comeback on bust and waistline. Something she said as 'a revisit back to the nineties fashion'. It is been a while since BUST became a main point in shows. For Prada, it was shown through the extra layers of ruffles on the bustier to exaggerate more of its shape or the pointed bust tops. In short, it's all about the curves.Back off ANOREXICS! Oh, and the chunky, 'Elves and the Shoemaker' buckle pumps were absolutely gorgeous.

Another back to the roots designs were Dolce and Gabbana where it was said to bring tears out of audiences at the end of the show. Though I was not there (unfortunately), a glimpse of the show in video actually made me tingle on the back. As the show starts, so does a video at the background with soft music showing all employees working together to make this show happen. All very touching. As Dolce and Gabbana goes this season, it was dark and emotional. Not dark edgy way but somehow a more classic soft touch of darkness. They stayed to three words: Sensuality, Sartorialist and Sicilian. One of the most interesting dress was the black one with a hint of leopard prints. Breathtaking.

Now to Versace, another designer who went on to technology. Apparently, this collection was a trip to Pandora (Avatar). There was a lot of electric blues in the collection, perhaps it's influence from the Na'vi tribe. Donnatella took herself away from the usual pastel only mood and changed into something more futuristic. Personally I loved her pastels more than this futuristic look. That being said, it was nonetheless an interesting collection. Have a look below and see which would you prefer? I'd go for pastel.

Fendi was having a blast this season. When one sees it, they might think simple, plain, nothing special or spectacular. But I think less is more and simple means more people in the fashion world could wear it. No model size body needed to fit into the clothes. That's what drives the power in the industry - wearable outfits. Lagerfeld and Silvia did some good collaboration and produced chic and amazing clothes. They too, went back to their roots - using materials as it is and no cover ups are needed. As Lagerfeld says, "You should never leave the roots."
Another pair of shoes I found amazing is the (what I call) as sneaker boots as it is a pair of boots but a rubber front of a sneaker. Casual, chic and fun.

That's all for Milan I guess and a few snaps and caps of what I like in Milan. Enjoy the below.

Jill Sander
It's all tweeds for them. A Lara Croft mixed with Anna Wintour fit suit.
Also, the very interesting coat dress.

Classic with sex appeal. 
Frida has gone more matured with her designs this season.
Rather than going super fashionable, she went for wearable and chic approach.
A more back to roots of Gucci.
Fab camel loose coat.

Alberta Ferreti
Simply gorgeous with natural makeup and tied up washed down hair.
A new look for the red carpet, maybe?


As I end this post, I apologise for the crappy writing. Lost of focus and I feel bad for not finishing the post. I wanted to write more and went against that since my brain juice is drying out. So sorry about that. Paris would come soon. Maybe middle of end of next week. Oh, and there might be a post on Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. So watch out =)

As tradition goes, visit STYLE.COM for more shows in Milan. Cheers.

PS: Sorry for the crappy arrangement for the post and photos. trying a new way of arranging my posts.


  1. as always mate..your posts are very professional like..the layout is find no worries..HAHA! oh and btw..the blue coloured pumps are ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!! SO AWESOME!!

  2. Thanks.. Yeah.. the buckle pumps are awesome!