Saturday, March 27

Birds of a feather, all FLOCK together?

Okay, I know, I know, I haven't blogged about Paris yet although it is long past the schedule. I promise I would do it before Sunday ends. It's a long list of shows in Paris that needs filtering and selecting the best ones to show you people out  there.

Now before Paris comes, I have something quite interesting to share with you guys. For those in Melbourne, you should know that the past week was the annual Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). Although I have to say that LMFF is not that much of a interest to me (the runway shows), the other side activities held were quite interesting. One of them being the FLOCK Exhibition.

As my title shows, it's a show themed on the word "FLOCK". Depends on how one defines flock, a piece or collection is made based on that aesthetic. Now this exhibition is the 10th annual exhibition organized by the RMIT Union Arts for the fashion and textile program in RMIT University in conjunction with the LMFF. It is an event that allows students of 2nd and final year to showcase their ideas and designs. The exhibition is a free entry for all to enjoy.

Since I'm much of a fashion savvy kid, I, of course went for it. The sad thing about this was that I missed the opening night because when i found out about the event, I was half way back to Moonee Ponds - bugger.

So back to FLOCK, when one says flock, most like me would think of butterflies or birds of a flock. The so defined general term used. It is one of the general terms of representing a group of things (dead or alive). Mostly avians like birds. But there is more to it than just that, though most just genralize it as that in the exhibition.

Long story short, it was one breathtaking exhibition with all the creative displays of art in one gallery (The First Site Gallery, RMIT City Campus).

Another thing, I clarify that this exhibition is just a display only show with no catwalks or runways. You see, fashion and textile students are well departed from fashion design students which means they have separate time and space to showcase their work. Fashion and textile will be of this annual event whereas fashion design students showcase their work in the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

So, it is obvious seen that design students gets more exposure compared to textiles. Fashion design major gets more exposure to industry people because their show are highlighted as a main event in the fashion week where invites are sent to the industry. But textile has it hard because their event is a rather small scale side show and most who came were students, graduates, staffs and alumni. A pity.

Because as I see it, textile is as important as the actual designer part of the process. Most would take textile as a side dish. A topping to ice creams. But do you realize, with the topping, so much can change in an ice cream. That goes to show, one cannot live without the other - almonds/toppings with ice cream or design and textile.

These combines both textile and construction
But rumor has it that RMIT would try and merge them both together as a single event to receive more exposure for the textiles student. Kudos for that. GO TEXTILE!

And without too many words, I leave it to your eyes to enjoy.

All artworks and pieces presented by Fashion and Textile students of RMIT University.

PS: Will soon post up the whole series of works in photobucket and then link it here. Check after Sunday =)

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