Tuesday, February 23

Young Prodigy - Mikael Sebastian

As I sat and wait for my time to board the plane, D72724 (Air Asia X), I couldn't help but to blog about a young prodigy I know of. At least blogging is way more productive than waiting at the gate staring into space. This post was a long intended but never done post - much due to my excellent procrastination.

Before you continue reading my little to none visitors' blog, take a look at the photo taken above and guess how old is the artist? The truth is this artist, Mikael Sebastian is just a young baby of the age of 2 - give or take. Maybe you would think "What's the big deal? It's just a splatter of paint done by a baby who doesn't know anything!"

Well, take a closer look. It maybe scribbles and scrabbles but if you look close enough and pay attention, you would know the use of colors is not something a two year old can do. Normally kids just splatter and randomly paint things.

But this boy use excellent color combination and his work is anything but random paints. So cheers to this genius kid. Who knows? Maybe he'll be the next Picasso?

Baby Mikael at work!

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