Friday, February 19

Long live McQueen!

Although it's been a week since the passing of Alexander, I still have a strong feeling of lost towards his death. He was one of the first few designers I kept up with when I started having interest to the fashion industry.

Alexander McQueen. He was a brilliant designer which had shown probably some of the most outrageous and yet captivating designs and shows. He was another reinventor. Most of his works were dark and distorted in a way but still put most in a spell when they saw his works. He was quirky but yet of an outcast. He was a favourite to a number of celebrities. Lady Gaga for one. One of his more well-known looks were worn by her in 'Bad Romance'.

I always loved his detailed works on the shoes and his fascination to an over-exaggerated hairstyles.

So, this is my tribute to one of the most promising designer in the past decade. You will be missed, Alexander McQueen.

A series of work that I fell in love with McQueen:

You will never be gone for as long as your designs are worn.

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