Tuesday, November 24

"Paris, Capitale de la Mode du Monde" Part 2

Finally after the long posted Part 1 of Paris, here comes Part 2. *Applause* A dozen of apologies for the extremely late post. A lot going at the moment and did not have the time to post anything at all. Though I did find the time to go on Facebook, maybe that's why I didn't post. But am really sorry for the delay to those very few visitors of my blog.

So here goes Part 2 of Paris Fashion Week. You are warned before reading the post that there might be not much of a flow from the previous post. Due to the extended period of time in between post, I forgot most of the things I wanted to talk about. So do not be too disappointed.


Chanel is going green this season or should I say hay?
This year's show is a barn themed show, meaning the main theme for the outfits is on weaving ropes and raw ends of hems and sleeves.
Though with plain black and white colors (Absolutely Chanel), it still projects the spring feeling.
Chanel went Kansas for farming or Chanel gone Outback.
Love the shoes with the flower embroidery.

John Galliano

This time, Galliano chose to focus into the Hollywood Glam of the 80s/90s.
Everything is based of the glam theme which is what Hollywood is about even now.
Makes me think of Jeannette MacDonald and Julie Andrews in their prime.
Though the show is overly dressed to impress, notice that each of the pieces can be worn separately and still gorgeous, if you like simple that is.

Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld has done simple and classic pieces, very Chanel but in simple colors without the patterns and weaving.
Gives me a feel of sexy militant crossed with preppy student look.
Tough but still soft and fluid.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen McQueen.... I have to say the shoes are the best this season especially the brown machinery themed heels.
A very futuristic theme this time like Alien vs Predator and Star Wars.
Using the prints and patterns to magnify the theme of the future.
The white heels makes me think of AVP the most! Like a bone carved heel. Scary but sexy.

Finally the end of my coverage on fashion week. See you next season =)
Don't worry, I'll still be posting. Haha. Though I know no one cares.


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