Thursday, November 5

"Paris, Capitale de la Mode du Monde" Part 1

Finally I am covering the long awaited Paris. I know the actual Paris Fashion Week has passed for a month now but I was quite busy for the past weeks with work and assignments - resulting to the lack of posting. Also, there is so much wonder in Paris this season that I had to go through slowly and shortlist some of my favourites from Paris this year.

Yet again, a lot of designers focus on the whole feminine and masculine concept. The hard and soft effect. Designers from Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Karl Lagerfeld played on these points. It seems that equality among men and women is huge now. But whatever makes the designers create, makes sense.

On another note, texture play is big too. Using all sorts of different materials, complimentary or clashing to create fabulous outfits. Well, it is the spring and summer collection, anyone could use some color and funkiness for coming spring 2010. So thumbs up to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Galliano, McQueen, and Lanvin. These are just the few that I noticed and loved.

By the way, as you can see on the title, it writes 'Part 1', so this means there another part. Mostly due to the fact that I love so much fashion from Paris that it will be too long to put in one post.

So now to the some shoots from the runway.

Yves Saint Laurent

As usual, Stafano made a great collection.
Always utilizing the black and white, soft and hard and NEW this season, strawberry prints.
Note on the first two pics, the red dots are cute little strawberries.
The leather apron is fantastic and of course the shoes, very 20s in my opinion.
This season like the last, Stefano created very wearable daywear for women.
Nothing too extravagant for daily wear, which is what the society wants.

Louis Vuitton

Marc did an excellent job for LV too.
Similar to his own line (Marc by Marc Jacobs), this season is filled with fun and joy.
Funkiness, I'd say.
The afro, the mix of materials and colors, the bags and accessories topped the topper, just like Blake Edwards.


Celine made a come back this year by Phoebe Philo.
Excellent collection. Very clean cut and almost similar to YSL's style, which I love.
Though that being said, it is still quite apart from YSL.
I'd say is a mix of YSL and Burberry. XD
The daywear and trench is simple and clean and evening cocktail is simply stunning.
Using limited palette and with such collection, Good Job! Miss Phoebe.
Oh, and this collection is like most others now, portraying women in a stronger point of view but somehow still as delicate as ever.


The grudge look as Nicolas put it.
Very grudge looking indeed. For me it felt more like a dead knight coming back for revenge.
Well, still in the grudge theme.
The hoodie jacket was awesome and the cocktails are weird in a good way.
Shoes, are of course fabulous with chain mail styled around it, which is what made me think of the knight thing.

So okay, this is not the end yet. Another post will be up soon. Paris part two but mainly pictures with a bit of comment. But later....

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