Tuesday, October 20

The Big 2-0 Story

OKay, a few minutes before my birthday is over I decided to blog about it. Hahahaha. Though I think by the time I finish with this, it'll be past 12.

So my first birthday in Melbourne. I have to say I thought it was fun. On the eve of it, me and a few of my friends/housemate went out for a marvelous dinner at a place called.... Err.... I don't remember but it's in Melbourne Central, near the Hoyts Cinema Counter. LOL.
And after the meal which was delicious, we went to Cho Goa, also in Melb. Central for a drink and a bit of chit chat till around 11.30pm and went home, feeling tired and have to work for tomorrow at 7.30am.

But I did stay up until 12.07am of 20th October. Can't help but to wait until it's past 12 and it is my birthday before I could sleep. Was happy for that because at 12.05, Adrian and Wing came and greeted me with a Canton vers. of Birthday song.
This year, I am apart from lots of my close friends from Malaysia and also my precious Mom, Dad, sister and brother (Though I always fight with him...), I felt grateful that I was able to come to Melbourne and meeet more great friends - Adrian, Wing, Dimas, Samuel,Morgan, Jay, Deanna, Sheau Huey, Celine, May, Saem, Azwin, Phik Munn, Edna, Shu Shan, Evelyn and BF, Nova and the list goes on.

Another good news for my birthday is that it marked the end of my observation a.k.a non-salary working period and to my 2 weeks training where I will get paid 10AUD per hour - CASH weekly.
Now it's just a few pics from my birthday eve night that I took with my shitty phone camera because I was smart enough to leave my camera charging and forgot to take it out.

Morg and Adrian being POSERS!

Me and Wing

A toast! For everyone in everything!!!

Calamari Rings and Chips

Porterhouse Steak =)

A mix of Baileys', Kaulua, Frangelico, Cream and Honey... Delicious!

Nice, right? Anyway as I end this blog it's already 1/4 past 12, so I have to sleep son because tomorrow is a 7am shift. Sad, I know. Finally as I did it in FB, I will do it here as well. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time in FB, in person or by texting to wish me. I really appreciate it. Seriously miss everyone back home in Malaysia, from Kampar or Subang or KL. I wish everyone one of you well. I will definitely try to visit everyone when I'm back next year and hopefully with a cheap air ticket ;)
As for those from Uni now, hope you've done well for the final assessments and I hope that I'll be able to see you guys again in class next semester. And for Swinnerton peeps, see you when I see you whether it's bumping into you on the way to toilet, laundry, or kitchen!. Thanks a million!!!!

And remember I am now "twenteen" (A term that my friends in INTI taught me) and not TWENTY! Okay? Not that old yet or maybe I'm trying to escape from the aging process. Probably most of you reading would hit me on the head for saying that because a lot of you are much older! LOL!

Good night. That's All.

PS: I notice next year, my birthday is on 20th October 2010 or 20.10.2010. Cool! Can't wait. (I know it's lame....)
PSS: Some pictures and photos I took are not with me yet. Will post in FB asap. =3


  1. planned to play a birthday song to u b4 12am,but i think u are sleeping now..sorry,i'm late..anyway,happy birthday,so miss u=)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Glad you had a fun one!!!

    Hey!!! 2o means 20 la....No TweenTeen!!! Must face the reality...

    hahah...anyways...I love the burnt dress!!!

    when are u ever on MSN???I never see u on9...:-(

  3. Gladys> It's okla. I slept dee coz got work. Got heart, can la...

    Sarah> I am on MSN but not the time you're on. LOL. Yup, burnt dress is nice. So what have you been up to?

  4. CALVIN!
    lol 20102010.. happy early birthday? =P