Friday, January 1

New Year again...

So it's another new year again, huh? That's cool. That means I'm 10 months and 20 days before turning 21. That' good news to me but I know it is not good for everyone. Some might be saying that, "Damn, I'm getting old...." So I'm not gonna rub it in their face.

So another year came and pass. Time to do a review of the last year as always and since I have a blog now, I thought it should be mandatory that I post something. I know I said I'll post for so long but I didn't. Much due to the fact of humans' awesome habit of procrastinating every single thing.

Lots of things happen this year like every other year. For one, got into university and doing my degree. And I'm in Melbourne which is a big step for me. I am happy of where I am now and glad that it happen.

This past year I finally came to realize what I want to do with my life, career wise. Though it's just a vague idea but at least it's a head start. As you might notice in this sad blog of mine that I had been posting a lot on fashion related topics. Guess by now you would realize that I am into the fashion industry. Yes, I am and my goal now is to focus in my studies to advance into fashion journalism which means I want to get into VOGUE! Be it US, British or French Vogue but as long as I can be in it.

For me, last year there was a heck lot of 'what ifs?'
  • What if I went for a fashion degree on the start and not communication? Will I do good? Will I sink down the drain?
  • What if I study in another college? KDU? Taylors? WIll it be better since INTI is nothing to be proud of for their communication course when I was in it.
  • What if I took the American Degree Program? Will I be in the States now? Will it be better?
  • What if I stay with my Journalism and PR major in RMIT? Will it be better? Will I excel in PR?
But all in all, I'm very happy and glad with all the decisions I made so far. If I did not join INTI, I would not have the groups of fabulous friends that I have now. Liza, Esther, Yen, Carol, Jan, Simeon and the list goes on.
If I'm not in INTI, I would not have got into Dentsu and spent 3 happy months working there as an intern and known more interesting and fun people.
If I'm not in INTI, I might not wound up in RMIT which I am happy for. The program is great here. Lecturers are awesome. Awesome friends.

Glad to know all of you here in Melbourne. This is to May, Adrian, Deanna, Gaya, Sheau Huey, Edna, Shu Shan, Morgan, Satoru, Wing, Ben, Evelyn, Christy, Louise, Dimas, Samuel and everyone else I know from Melbourne. Thanks for being in Melbourne and made my life awesome and fun. Please forgive me if I left you out. You know I didn't mean to.

And then again, if I wasn't in INTI, I would get into STYLO and would never find my deep interest in fashion and decide on what I want to do. I might not even be so into fashion now? Who knows.

So all in all the last year of 2009 is a good year.true there are ups and downs, but if not, how would one learn and grow? I know that I grew a lot myself. (Okay don/t laugh at this. I did, okay?)

I realize in life there are a lot of crossroads where you have to decide with determination and courage. Give your best with what you're given. You might never know what would happen if you did. All you need is a little faith. You should know, people would only take risk when they are young and youthful. If at your youth, you do not have the courage to do it, then good luck in doing it when you're older. Haha.

Although I know this post is all over the place and might seem not to have a point, I just want to rant out all my 'what ifs?' and my gratitude for the past year. Farewell 2009. Would be seeing you anymore.

And 2010, please be a good year and be generous to those who ask. Give me a good year =P

PS: I know I don't have much updates and photos. Check my facebook if you have it. ;P
PPS: Might post more soon. Am in the zone now. ZEN mood.

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