Saturday, August 15

Living in a Foreign Country

As I sat down and wrote this, a month had already pass since I first arrive in Melbourne. Looking though the first month here, I find myself adapting rather well to the environment, in campus or in Swinnerton house.

Well, classes had been great till now. I'm currently taking for subjects or courses which is Authorship and Narrative, General News Reporting, Professional Writing and Strategic PR Planning. As I said, classes are great but not easy. I expected no less from the university quoted to be the best for communication degree. I find it rather okay. Not too tough and not easy at all. It's a balance... i guess. But it is sure to be ten times tougher from what I had for college.

Honestly, I'd be proud of myself with just an average of distinctions and credits, not even dreaming of High Distinction which is untouchable. Guess that pretty much all to say what I felt about my classes. By the way, I mentioned a subject that motivated me into blogging, it is Professional Writing. A writing class mandatory for all communication degree students here.

So about life here, all I can say is, "It is good!". Life here in Australia is rather slow from what I had before for the past 18 and two quarter of years at Malaysia. Slow in a sense that nobody is rushing down the street or panicking for everything. No one rushes into trams and buses. They wait till passengers come down from it before entering. Everyone waits for traffic lights to cross (well... almost everyone).
So I'd say I like it here.

The weather here is fabulous now in winter. Cool and breezy all the time with occasional sun warmth and breezy wind. A sweater or jacket would serve the purpose to keep you warm. No need for earmuffs and beanies, though scarves are encouraged and gloves for little occasions like extra strong wind and rainy days.

I guess that's all for this post. Can't think of anything else to write. Maybe next time. =)


A sunny day in Melbourne.

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