Saturday, August 15

First Ink

As the title indicated, this is the first ink to my blog, Diarium Ejus.
The purpose of having this blog is for both academic and personal.

Academic because I need to practice writing more and doing it in a blog would be the best choice because others can see it and maybe comment on it if they find it necessary. As my lecturer had said, I need a lot of practice to make it fit for publication for either print or online media and also to leave my "Malaysian writing style" behind. So in this blog, I would try my best to come up with articles or simple columns that I wrote both in class or out of class and post it. Comments are most welcomed.

Another reason for having the blog is to keep my family and friends updated to my life here at Melbourne since I had only been here for one month. And it's easier for everyone to keep track.

So there you have it. My reasons of having the blog and also my first ink to officiate the blog.

Stay tune for more.


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